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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by unloady, May 9, 2019.

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    Part timer here, western region. Checked my pay stub today and saw that my pay was only increased .20 cents ($13.70) I hit my 4th year of service this year (2019) and got my contractural raise of .50 cents making my pay 13.50. Then the final supplements got ratified about a month layer. It is my understanding that this new contract gives .70 to existing part timers. Should i be at $14.20? Or do I need to start filing greivances tommorow.
  2. I got the same .20 cents and went to $13.70.....asked the shop steward and he sed he doesn’t know what happened

    If this isn’t a mistake, it means that our retro pay is .20 cents an hour after the day we got our .50 cents progression raise
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    The .70 is added to you pay as of Aug 1 2018

    Had the contract been ratified on time you would never received the .50 on anniversary
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    You recieved your .50 raise for your anniversary date after Aug 1st 2018. That .50c and .20c adds up to .70c

    You don't double dip with the raises from last contract and this contract. You're not owed $1.20 in raises only .70c which you got it was just split.
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    I have a question in regards to the retroactive pay. Are they really gonna make everyone wait 6-8 weeks? Or did they just state that so nobody will ask? I would like to know if anyone has some info on that
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    Yes it's true but apparently it's been bumped to 8-10 weeks. I guess they are having issues with people filling out the form and turning it in on time.
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    Dang, well at least that is clarified. I hope part timers actually vote next contract... Thank you for the reply I appreciate it.