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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by deathracer, Jul 18, 2008.

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    ok so i started working last year at my hub and started of at $8.50, but because they started some new system wich allows anyone to sort i didnt get the dollar for being in a skilled position. but now i make $9.00 and today i looked at my check and got some hours paid at $9.00 and the last day(friday) i got paid at $10.00. im guessing cause of the new contract wich is gonna make preloaders and sorters start at $9.50 or so i read, now i hear that were gonna be getting a $0.75 cent raise on august 1 for ppl on the old contract, but i wanna know if that raise is gonna also gonna count as my 1 year raise as my 1 year anniversary is also in august. sorry for typing too much.
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    you got the 6mo 50 cents, is that right? If so you might get a 35 cent raise Aug 1 and another Feb 1. up to 70 cents.
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    Raises go to the end range. Not people in progression.
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    Did you even read his post?
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    LMFAO haha im falling asleep in my chair but that made me laugh hysterically
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    when i make a joke though no one finds it funny. :O

    The question is as a part-timer what raises will he see.

    Here's the deal - after you make your 30 working days, you get a raise after 90 days beyond seniority.

    If the author "deathracer" (mind you a very ironic UPS name itself) made seniority anytime before Aug 1st 2007, he/she will likely see a 35 cent raise Aug 1st 2008.

    If it was after August 1st 2007, which it sounds like, will recieve the 35 cent raise on the date he/she finishes 1 year.

    As far as the old contract, shred it and use it for stuffing Christmas gifts, you aren't seeing any old contract raises as the new contract is in effect.
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    Yeah, the master clearly says that we get one half raise aug 1st, one half feb 1st. Either half can be allocated to H&W instead of our paychecks, so they are not garaunteed. Although previous contracts all had this language and we recieved most of those raises.

    Basically you'll get 35 cents on your 1 year anniversary