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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by jamie deangelis, Oct 3, 2016.

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    I have 3/4 of my paycheck being deducted and all it says is met/ins. I asked my shop Stewart and he said it's MetLife insurance. I called MetLife and they say I don't have any policy with them. I went back to my shop Stewart and he said it's not UPS's problem. They won't even give me a phone number to payroll. And I can't find a number to payroll. Can anyone give me advice or a phone number?
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    Try the shop STEWARD next time
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    Call 867-5309 and ask for Jenny. She will fix it.
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    Contact your local HR office- provide them a COPY of your paycheck and the name, date and time you talked to MetLife. Let them know you don't have access to the Payroll # (the company refuses to give it out-they like to give you the runaround like the government offices you have to try and access)--see what advice they can help you with. Call first-so you can find out who's in charge at your local HR. You could call your local - but they never want to get involved with payroll issues. IF all else fails- contact your state Dept. of Labor. This does work. They will contact the company and get it corrected. They usually have forms online-you fill out and submit. I need to apologize for the previous poster - he obviously has never had payroll issues and is incredibly insensitive - not everyone who posts here is. Keep us posted - I would like for you to have a good resolution to your problem.
    You might inquire at your location - who and what your shop stewards are like. Some are more for the company (large hubs) and if you are lucky to be in small facility - they are near normal and actually help the employee. Will never know that tho. GOOD LUCK!