Peak Driving - How to get through the first two weeks...

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by brownrecluse, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. brownrecluse

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    Greetings. Newbie here, fresh in from Service Provider training :cool:. This is my first peak driving season w/UPS. Our instructor indicated that the first couple of weeks as a new package car driver can be frustrating. Would any of you veteran drivers care to offer any advise on surviving the first couple of weeks? Thanks is advance!
  2. rod

    rod retired and happy

    Actually the first couple of decades as a pkg car driver can be frustrating:) Hang in there
  3. Leftinbuilding

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    Protrucker, I revived the thread 'Survival Tips" for you. Some good advice offered.
  4. DS

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    My advice is to do it right the first time.If you run into a problem in the diad that you cant figure out.prerecord the stop and ask when you get back to the building.Frustrating could be putting it mildly your first couple of days alone,bewildering describes it better.It gets better with time.I learned my first month its unwise to put cans of paint on the shelves.
  5. diesel96

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    You ain't seen nothin yet Pro...just wait till the :poop:"poop" hits the fan in mid to late Dec...that's peak
  6. brownrecluse

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    Thanks to you all!
  7. Dirty Savage

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    Don't exactly know what your circumstances are, ie. if you have your own route or are an air driver etc. But my only advice for you is to get yourself a good map and study it. If you are like me and are terrible with numbers then take ten minutes to go through your stops and write them down then plot them on your map. That way you can visualize your trace and it makes things go much smoother.
  8. brownrecluse

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    No route yet. I stopped into my center last Friday on my way home from training to get route info, etc. so that I could prep. a bit over the weekend. But they weren't ready for me yet I guess... seemed fairly indifferent actually. I have to call in tomorrow morning to see if I am to report to work or not...
  9. MR_Vengeance

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    remember what Jenny told Forrest Gump " You just run Forrest, just run"
  10. rod

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    You may as well put UPS on speed dial:wink:
  11. under the radar

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    Don't out-run yourself. Stay within your abilities.
  12. Mapp

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    go out and try and learn the area, even on your days off. It sucks when it gets dark out.
  13. Covemastah

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    area knowledge is the key,the diad wont teach you ! if you really want to make it,ride around the n/borhood a bit till ya learn it also remember the add of repeat houses then learning the adds of other homes come quicker.believe me you will have houses that will get something everyday good luck and think $$$$ dont get frustrated we have all been in your shoes !!!
  14. OldUPSDriver

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    Protrucker may end up as Prohelper. JMO
  15. Mapp

    Mapp Choo Choo

    They aren't going to send him to driving school and not utilize him as a driver.
  16. brownrecluse

    brownrecluse Member

    I sure hope not... being a helper for a few days may in fact have its benefits... but I want the driver experience...
  17. Griff

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    Being a helper doesn't help in the transition at all. You don't learn the job until it's just you and the truck all by your lonesome.
  18. brownrecluse

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    Exactly as I thought. I need a route!!!
    I've called in for 3 days in a row now... and for 3 days in a row I have been told thanks - but not enough volume. Call again tomorrow. I'm bummed. As stupid as it may sound... I left a FT job (that I hated) to get my chance at a foot in the door... I expected to be center training for a few days, and be on my own by now...
  19. The Brown Santa

    The Brown Santa Ping Pong Ball

    Geez, that's strange...As a cover driver, I've been on pretty much the same route (a spare) for the last two years. Today they were training a casual on that route and I (a seniority employee) was sent home as well as 5 other FT seniority cover drivers.

    Nothing like waiting til the last minute to train casuals....

    Maybe you should just show up in your browns and bump a driver off his route....
  20. brownrecluse

    brownrecluse Member

    What a way to make new friends huh?