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    Once again, we're being asked to put forth maximum effort for nothing in return. Of course, I'm referring to peak. Now, I know some of you work in stations and within districts where everything runs perfectly and Rainbow Ponies fart glitter all day long. That's great, but in my district that isn't the case. I suspect that it's similar in many other regions as well.

    Here, we don't have enough people every day of the week. That means collapsed routes, lousy service, and bad attitude employees who are always being asked to do the impossible. This also equals massive falsification, more accidents, increased turnover, and the potential for workplace violence. When you push too hard, bad things happen.

    When the AM is screwed-up, it spills over onto the PM. We also have CTV's and shuttles that don't make the plane, missed and late pickups, and generally poor service to customers that deserve better. That critical medical device or computer part doesn't do the recipient much good when it's still sitting at the origin ramp.

    Despite all of this, we're supposed to be cheery and especially flexible this holiday season. In return for donuts, cookies, or some other token offering, we need to "be there" for FedEx. And once it's all over, they will be pushing you to take LWOP, do 2 routes, or all of the other usual games they play on December 26th, when you're no longer needed.

    People are quitting left and right, and FedEx is doing their best to fire as many others as possible. Sometimes, they deserve it, because they do something illegal or just plain dumb. But others get pushed into cutting corners by faking signatures, working through break, and other equally stupid stuff.

    End result? Chaos, for both employees and customers.
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    How about the GAP reports. Each morning you are given a report circled in red ink of which stops took you more than 5 minutes. They must be explained, the document signed and returned to management that night. Way to go trusting your work force. Way to go supporting your employees, the ones who actually get anything done. Why is it always the whole company versus the courier. Really??
    If Fedex wants to ferret out hours of lost productivity then start in the stations at about 0830. When the couriers leave the station in the morning most of the station goes into slow down mode. Most managers do less than any courier any day.
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    This is so true. If I come in on a day off they are invariably sitting while Rome burns. Some days, just hitting a few baseline stops or doing a bulk pickup can make all the difference in in the world. They are in there shaving seconds while their operation is going to Hell. We have two managers that basically refuse to drive, much less handle loading or unloading. It's as if it is beneath them.


    Dig station is in a glut of couriers. We just hired 10 more, but I can't order shirts because my senior is "cutting costs". I saw the new couriers, 2 of which I know because they upgraded from handlers, other 8 are off-the-street. This is the day after the infamous "we all have to pull together and cut routes where possible to keep our costs down (and my year-end bonus intact)" speech.

    My daughter loved the rainbow ponies farting glitter comment as much as I
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    Have you guys thought about actually comparing gap reports to google maps in how long it takes you to get to an area. Fedex is giving you all the ammo for a lawsuit if they are giving you the gap report with the time it took you to get to and from a stop to stop and telling you that you didn't make your numbers. It seems like it would be easy to show that Fedex is requiring you to commit unsafe acts, speeding..ect with the gap report. Especially if the gap report is showing that you aren't making their production when you are abiding by traffic laws ect..Just an idea.
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    Great points. Any attorneys out there paying attention?
  7. Cactus

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    Those stupid gap reports are the most blatant disregard for safety there is.

    Oh and this peak season I'm sure will be like all others with excessive code 01 packages sitting under the belt instead of sitting under some customers Christmas tree.
  8. MrFedEx

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    It could be really bad this year because we are supposed to get totally slammed on volume. One wonders if a few of the big shippers might get a little :censored2: when Santa doesn't come on the 25th. Maybe he'll get there by the 28th, maybe he won't. I'm counting on being asked to work Christmas, and since I'm really "religious", I'm going to have to say no. Toss in a little bad weather, and Fred will get more than the usual one lump of coal in his stocking. Watch for a "Come to Jesus" special presentation by MT3 real soon because it isn't looking very smooth right now.
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    sorry about your hubs with inadequate help; looks like it's a management issue & hope they stumble on to this and finally wake up to help you guys out

    in my area, this is the last week of hiring temp drivers before the peak season comes upon us... it'll take too long to do background checks on people stumbling after this week to process them into the temp agency's payroll

    the worst case scenario would be to divert the non-priority parcels over to ground/ home delivery during that last push by x-mas
  10. Cactus

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    The biggest problem other than the real crappy December weather that always rears its' ugly head during peak, is the upper management and their failure to adequately staff the stations with enough help. We end up dying on service then they try to point the finger at everything else.

    The last several peaks have been utter failures, but I'm sure MT3 still gets a huge Christmas bonus nonetheless.
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    10-4 on the bonus. No runners or temps here. Anyone else getting them?
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    We have to come to accept and expect the fact that every peak we will not fulfill the expectations to the customer and promises made. Every year customers give us their important shipments at the last moment and FedEx gladly takes their money only to let them down. Every peak is a failure now because FedEx once again like so many aspects of its business model tries to do too much with too little. Throw a little bad weather in the mix, a late plane or two and a few sick calls, lack of rental trucks, and it becomes an absolute disaster.
    Senior managers then called in the hired guns. Usually a local cartage agency (that they are close $$$ friends with) to eventually get paid more than we are getting paid since they get paid by the piece. Then we have to listen to the senior either sing their own praises about how they support us with help or complain about what is happening to the budget and it is again our fault. A lot of theft occurs during this lack of control time. The packages are treated like newspapers.
    It makes you cynical about the holidays when you have managers pushing this holiday team ethic and you are seeing mountains of packages sitting in a muddy puddle of water in the station. CSAs unable to find anything for the lines of customers out the door because we could not have a better plan to honor our promises. Blame it on the weather, blame it on anyone but FedEx. It must be the couriers fault.
    Then there is the desperate plea from Corporate asking who, if needed wants to work Christmas day. It will earn you a worthless bravo zulu after Christmas which is all about sacrifice, this is what makes FedEx great, customer service, spirit, etc, etc. You will get it in COMAT just on time for the New Years push for longer lunch breaks, sign this or else, get off the clock....
    The only time you will ever see a a manager lift a finger to help the station or a courier is when their ass is on the line. By then it is too little too late.
  13. Mr. 7

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    We were told that we'll get the Monday off after Xmas and new years.
  14. MrFedEx

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    Who is going to deliver all those Code 1's on the 26th?
  15. FedExer267

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    They only hire Temps in our building for the HD side. Which I understand but what I don't like is they will send half of them home and then the next thing you know you have a extra 50 stops of HD. More work for us for the same pay and the only way you get a runner is if you're contractor springs for one which never happens.
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You guys have the 24th off? We do but have been told that some of us will be working.
  17. vantexan

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    Since Christmas is on Sunday we should get everything cleaned up on the 24th. If anything FedEx will do well with all the Saturday pkgs and the $15 premium.
  18. LTFedExer

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    I've never actually seen a GAP report and I don't know a single person in my station that has.
    FedEx has gone back to each courier having a budget ($150 I believe).
    Depends on how much we get delivered the week before. The day before has never been voluntary, it might be this year.
    There is no premium unless the package is due on Saturday. If we don't attempt a Friday package on Friday, it would not get charged the premium, even if it is attempted Saturday.


    Maybe at your station bro. I have shirts that are little more than tattered rags, and I get told every time that my request for shirts has been denied. I remember the days when a stain would get you asked to change uniforms, now they could give 2 s&*ts about apperances.
  20. vantexan

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    Did you have a brain fart or something? I said with all the SATURDAY pkgs. Do we charge a premium for pkgs that arrive for delivery on Friday? Nope, only on pkgs that are sent on Thursday or Friday for Saturday delivery.