Peak Season Poem

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    UPS Peak Poem

    It's a repeat, but for those that haven't seen it. Don't know who to credit it to.

    UPS Peak

    T'was A UPS Day Before Christmas

    T'was the day before Christmas and all through the land

    Not a creature was working save the UPS man

    The package cars were parked, by the loading docks with care

    In hopes that the air trailer soon would be there

    The preload had finished their jobs for the night

    Making last minute adjustments so all would be right

    And I with my dispatch and the drivers in their browns

    Had just finished our meeting and were heading for town

    When out in the yard there arose such a clatter

    I sprang from my dock to see what was the matter

    Away to the primary I flew with great care

    Threw open the bay door, admitting cold air

    The sun was now shining on the snow we now had

    All knew the conditions on the road would be bad

    When what to my wondering eyes should appear?

    But a late load from the hub, and the air trailer was here

    More rapid than eagles UPSers they came

    And I whistled, and shouted, and called them by name

    Now driver, now feeder, now loader and sorter

    On supers, on staffers, on clerical and porter

    To the unload, the sort aisle, the package cars fast

    We must process this volume, for the daylight won’t last

    As teams come together and accomplish great tasks

    When they meet with an obstacle, no questions are asked

    So off to their duties they went with great haste

    All knew at this moment there’s no time to waste

    And then in a twinkling I heard all around

    Doors closing, engines starting, oh what a great sound

    As I drew in my breath to release a great sigh

    A slight bit of moisture came to my eye

    I now understood how it felt to belong

    To a team that’s determined, united, and strong

    The drivers wore flannels beneath their brown trousers

    To help keep them warm for hours and hours

    Their shoes were all polished, and shone when they walked

    They were courteous, but brief whenever they talked

    Their duties were fret with urgency all day

    They were offered fine treats but had no time to stay

    On their heads they wore ball caps or knits, some were bare

    To help keep them warm in the chill winter air

    On their hip was a pouch where they kept a device

    To record their deliveries after checking them twice

    The packages were left out of weather and sight

    In case the receiver came home late that night

    The drivers and helpers maintained area trace

    To deliver all stops; there was no time to waste

    As daylight was waning, and deliveries complete

    And the driver was buckling himself in his seat

    The last of his customers answered their bell

    And bent to recover the package hid well

    The customer could see in the distance afar

    The fading taillights of the UPS car

    And the driver exclaimed, as he drove out of sight

    “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”​
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    That's logistics.
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    Christmas in July
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    You have been watching QVC, I see!!! :wink2:
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    I like apples.
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    And Stewie was at the air wall till 9 pm waiting for the last driver to come in, while his brother in law was at the Stew house,eating all the shrimp Is that iambic pentameter ?
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    I'm a frikken truck driver. WTH does that mean?
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    A riythm five beats per line or verse in a poem
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    Did i mention im on my 5th beer?
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    and did you kno i like apples?
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    Nope, to your question.

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    Drink up and cheers O9F I had 2 glasses of vino me 'self after getting home from our favorite place
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    Cheers back at ya!

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    I know it wasn't ,just a joke ,but every Christmas Eve that falls on a weekday I am at the air wall while Uncle Mike eats all the shrimp !
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    So kick uncle mikes butt.
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    Then hand him 5 apples and send him home !!
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    "And the driver exclaimed, as he drove out of sight

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

    To add

    Do to the lack of training, preload sucked

    So once again, I get F.......
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    Bobbing for apples in your beer?
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    No, but have I mentioned that I like apples?