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    I know this isn't important but it's kind of amusing. Who thinks flipstyle will last through peak? I would love to see his face when looking at the flow coming at him in december. He thinks he has problems now? Opinions please. For the record, I thank my loader everyday for the hard work he does and tip him generously every year. Much respect to all you hard working ptmers. Been there,done it.
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    I farted.
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    Is this the thread about anti-freeze? I'm more of a Prestone guy myself.
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    What is flipstyle?
  5. CAFAL

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    More like who. Read some other threads
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    I like doggy style when I can get it.
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    I am going to assume you prefer the receiving end.
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    LMAO!!!!! Good one
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    I like that he loads 3 trucks and thinks its nuts. Wait until Peak and try to get him to load 5 with the other 2 at the end of 40ft of rollers that don't roll.
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    I doubt flip is a pt'er at all. I imagine him to be some little troll behind a desk doing things that I can't repeat on here. Just my opinion. :bigsmile2:
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    You and nearly every other guy here. :happy-very: Me too............................... :surprised: ​(Did I say that out loud?)
  12. jaker

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    My dog does flips with style
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    That is priceless. And pretty hot
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    Helluva year if I recall. That was the year I got my first real six string. Bought it at the five and dime.
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    Think I saw you there. It was summer, right?
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    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    We refer to it as playing leap frog, that after our 4 year old walked in on us. Poor kid, scarred for life.
    Daddy your not very good at leap frog.
    You couldn't leap over mommy!

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Keep talkin, my pants just got a little tighter