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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by my2cents, Jun 21, 2003.

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    With little fanfare, the pension fund for my jurisdiction, recently started offering one's pension credit history online. Judging from the feedback I have received at work about this, nobody is aware of this new service and I suspect few overall are. To anyone who is a participant in the New England Teamsters and Trucking Industry Pension Fund, should consider requesting a Member ID and password to check their credit history, which also has an estimated benefit feature. These are good features to those who wish to update their own records or who have lost or thrown out past annual credit history statements.

    I know many of the old-timers in my center are excited about these new features, but unfortunately, many of these folks are not computer literate. I wonder if there are any plans to help these folks, if they desire to obtain this information. Will they be able to receive help at work and/or at their local? As it stands now, its guys like me who fill them in on these developments.

    One general question for the gallery here -- Do any of the other Teamster pension funds offer credit histories to their participants?
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    Although this strays somewhat from my original post below, I thought I would take this opportunity to add that the DOL agency formally known as the "Pension & Welare Benefits Administration" has been renamed the Employee Benefits Security Administration. Here one can find information about one's pension rights under ERISA and related subjects.
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    I just got a letter the other day explaining my current status on retirement with the number of years I have as credit. Central States BTW. We've been using a CS website for a couple of years but mostly to check on insurance claims but I'm sure retirement is there also or I would at least think it would be. Guess I ought to check that out sometime.