Pension Plan for p/ters question.

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    If a p/t upser transfers (after 3.5 years service p/t) from a hub in the northeast to a western hub and continues to work at least another 2 years, how will that affect his/her pension vestment? In other words if it takes 5 years to be vested in the ups pp, is that 5 years in the same regional plan or overall at ups? This is an educational xfer I am considering.
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    You will not lose any seniority within the company but you will lose your building seniority. Your 3.5 years should carry over to your new pension plan.
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    My concern was since it was a different region (like central states pp, new england pp, etc), different rules would apply and therefore I may need to be vested in each regional pension plan for 5 years each in order to collect down the road. Unless the p/t pension plan ran by UPS is a "national" plan. I know the teamsters full timer pp's are regional.
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    From how I understand, UPS holds the part time pension fund, If you transfer you should still have that pension credit to your new building. correct me if I am wrong.
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    Are you transfering from the New England Teamsters & Trucking Industry Pension Plan

    to the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Plan?

    Download the Plan Document of both plans from their websites and see what they say about the subject. Every plan is independant, but some will allow you to combine your service from both plans so you don't loose out. In the New England plan, for example, read Article 13 "Partial Pensions Under Reciprocal Agreement."

    You'll have to contact both funds to make sure they both actually have such a signed reciprocal agreement.

    If you are transfering to the Central States region, most of their part-timers are in The UPS Pension Plan, a part-timer plan run by UPS and described in Contract Article 34, Section 1 (i).