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    Your link wouldn't work for me, but I did get an interesting E-mail from my Teamster Local 728 today.

    It said that a bill, called HR 2830, misnamed "The Pension Protection Act of 2006, is due to come up for a vote soon in the U.S. House of Representatives. This bill contains a "Red Zone" provision that will allow already earned retirement benefits to be cut from pension plans. Everyone is urged to call your House Representative and urge them to stand up for working families and vote against this bill. The Capitol Operator phone number is 202-224-3121. Your local Representative's office should be listed in the phone book, I'm sure you can e-mail them too. This is just what we need, my sorry Central States Pension to get even worse!
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    I was able to open it .Took a long time to open it.
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    It opens fine. The first part is a commercial (in my case it was HP products) but after about 30 or so seconds it does open. When has the gov't done something and the something didn't get worse?
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    Your right on both counts. It does load slow, I get impatient sometimes when My DSL downloads slow. Your point about our wonderful government is so true, I get so disgusted with politicians, they only look out for number one.
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    Its about time we reduce the governments politicians pension,insurance and pay like they seem fit to do ours ? How about our own vote, what ya say ?!
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    I agree and while we are at it let's reduce the six figure salary and benefits of some of the nations CEO's that, as far as I know, put their pants on one leg at a time.
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    Why not eliminate pensions and insurance for politicians altogether? I don't think the founders of this country wanted career politicians running the show anyway because the more vested personal interest you gave them the longer they would stay and then policy would be manipulated to suit themselves and a small hierarchy who bought and paid for them to be there via elections just to suit their own self interests.

    You know, just like we have right now and have had building for the last 150 years! We didn't get where we are in just the last 6 years as some might suggest nor did we get this way as a result of the 1990's as the otherside might say. It's been at the behest and blessing of both political parties of equal share. Rome and it's empire wasn't built in a day and neither has the American Empire been either.

  9. Amen my brother!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone counting on a pension from ANYWHERE, company, union, ANYWHERE is in for a rude awakening. Social security...HA! dont make me laugh or get sick. Anyone not in a sizeable IRA or using the 401K should be ready to share the can of food with the cat.
    BTW, i know its off the subject but on the subject of political does each vote in complete or almost complete agreement with one another (i.e. all Dems vote for something and all Repubs against) Think of the last time your center team ALL agreed on something or everyone in your family agreed on an issue 100 percent. It just doesnt happen!!!! So then, who controls each of these "representatives" and tells them how to vote? Who is pulling the strings? Just a thought and i wish i was smart enough to know the answer! Anyone?
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    I AGREE WITH MOST OF YOU ON THIS SUBJECT CUT POLITICIANS SEE HOW THEY FEEL , I also think it should go further, who has cut our pensions particularily the central states? There you go that's right the teamsters did the ones sitting back and drawing 2 or 3 pensions double and triple dipping while we suffer and have to work more years so they get fatter, Well it is time to cut the fat, cut the teamsters out the same as we would a politician, vote for someone else, it's time to stand up and let the teamsters know "no more" time to vote for the APWA I would encourage all of you to go to the web site see what you can do spread the word at your center call Van or Danny and get a meeting set for your area,time to vote APWA