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    Can anyone tell me if Management gets a pension?
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    Yes they do, if they work long enough to earn one.
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    of course they do
  4. With 30 years at 55, management gets a pension equal to approximately 45-50% of their last 5 years averege wages, not including MIP, under the plan before recent changes.

    New management and management born before 1979 get a 401K style pension equl to about half of the prior plan, or approximately 25% of thier final wages.
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    While I havn't done the math, I don't think you're accurate about the new plan.

    If you've done those calculations, I'd be interested in seeing your analysis and your assumptions. For instance, what did you assume as a growth rate?

    Also, since its portable and owned by the employee, how did you account for that? I would think that in many ways, that would make the new plan very attractive?