Pensions for Mechanics,Pilots,Management

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ZMan, Dec 17, 2007.

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    Has anyone complied comparisons for the retirement compensations for our mechanics, pilots and bottom type FT management (sups/managers) ?......UPS seems to be a low end company regarding its compensation for 99 per cent of its management....
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    Unless you know what other people are getting , what are you basing that on? If you are a supervisor that's your fault for putting your letter in, you should have stayed an hourly and you would have gotten the better pension!!!! I can't understand for the life of me why anybody would want to go into management with this company anyway. You have to pay for your benefit's, no overtime, and it's the company first then your family. Screw that I'll make my $95,000 plus a year not pay for benefit's and retire a fat happy 52year old!!!!:clap:
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    Mechanics get the same as any other F/T union employee. Mgmt. pension depends on a lot of factors. Date of employment, length of employment, and age at retirement. Too many variables to deterimine until you are within 2 years of 55 years old.
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    No....Mechanic's don't get the same as every union employee. The mechanic's pension who are in the IAM have the better pension than any other union employee. They are in a single employer pension. The teamsters are not like that at all. They are in a multi employer pension, that's why they have so may issue's with being fully funded. They are paying out pension's to guy's who's companyies are now out of business!!!
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    This is true. A mechanic in our bldg, with fewer years than myself, recently retired with roughly $2000.00 a month more than I would get.
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    And your source document for this statement would be what?