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  1. outamyway

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    So, I guess today the goal was to have perfect service. Was this a national thing or just for our district ?(I didn't read the whole memo)

    Anyways our center failed miserably (no surprise here). Seems most of our drivers left so early none of the missorted stuff made it to their trucks. When I got back from my 10:30 air run, there were five NDA packages left behind. Along with a bunch of other stuff (again no surprise). So I delivered the NDA packages, all late of course and when I got back I told the OMS the addresses and he filled out our late air sheet. There were five other late airs listed before he listed mine.

    So 10 late air before noon. Not so perfect service. And that was just one of three centers.

    I've been driving air here almost two years and I have never seen a day with perfect service, except Saturdays. Does it really happen at some centers? Or, is this just one of the worst?
  2. dilligaf

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    We've been getting the perfect service monday schtick for months now. For the most part we meet those goals (not always) LOL
  3. ikoi62

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    Why should it be perfect service Mondays?
    Why cant it be perfect service everyday?
    This company cracks me up sometimes..:wink2:
  4. dilligaf

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    You right of course, it should be.:surprised: But if you are seriously asking why Mon I think it's because of the air. All air is brought in on the feeders over the weekend. Better chance of perfect service on Mon.
  5. scratch

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    Monday air comes in on the Saturday flights. No reason for the Preload going down late on Monday, just a few Saturday Air pickups.
  6. currahee

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    We have been getting the Perfect Service Monday thing for a while now . I understand that the air is already there and most times our preload wraps up early,but why cant we do this on a more regular basis.
    When i started on my route a few years ago it was a 825 start. Its now an 850 start add that upon a 30 min ride to my area . I know im preaching to the choir.
    In the eyes of the customer wouldnt Perfect Service be getting their air and ground pkgs at the same time.Most times i have to run straight air til 1030.Just about everyday i have to tell customers "sorry i cant give you your ground pkgs yet because i have ndas to del i be back asap".
    Well anyway sorry about my rant,i just dont think that Perfect Service Monday is an excuse to be medicore the rest of the week.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We have also had this in place in our center for quite some time and it is taken very seriously. They print out NDA manifests, check with each driver to make sure that all of the NDA will be on time, and discipline as needed for those who have late NDA. We start at 8:30 with a commit of 10:30 so I have no problem delivering everything on trace.
  8. feeder53

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    I always give 110% everyday, and there has to be a starting point. To me it would not mattter what day as long as we start. We as workers can make or break a company. I am not management but I believe it is a team effort and to be able to talk about it in this forum is a good thing.
  9. Cementups

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    Sorry, but I practice perfect service everyday not just on Mondays. Unfortunately I just had my first late air for hte first time in about 3 years. I forgot to big arrow down before it flipped to 10:31
  10. JustTired

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    Why can't we have a "Perfect Dispatch Monday"? You know.....a 7 hr. dispatch so you are off the clock in 8.5. Everything loaded in an orderly manner (just like the videos). Able to walk down the center of the package car.

    Oh....sorry.........I just woke up. Nevermind!!!!!
  11. longlunchguy

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    It's hard to have perfect service day and stupid dispatch day (the monday plan) on the same day
  12. Dirty Savage

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    I love perfect service Mondays. In theory it should be the easiest day of the week to achieve such a goal as all the air comes on a Saturday flight or loaded on the trailers. Unfortunately for us, our EAMs always seem to be buried in the very back of the very last trailer that gets unloaded so they have been late every Monday for the last couple of years.

    Good times.
  13. over9five

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    There was a memo posted yesterday that said Monday Mar 10 would be a perfect service day.
    In package every Monday they would say that, but I've never seen it posted like that.
  14. dannyboy

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    Actually, I view perfect service monday as a once a year program, as a real testiment what UPS knows the service is everyday. They know that only on a monday is that even a remote possiblity. For the rest of the week, its at best a hit and miss situation.

    I have a great solution for the gents on top. Let your people go! Let the front line sups do their job. Let the center managers manage their centers. Get the heck out of the way and quit tying the hands of the people that can make a difference. Its no wonder you have to look outside ups for our next leaders. You stiffle management at all levels, and then wonder why they dont buy into the crap that comes from the top down?

    You want production? You want sales to shoot through the roof? Let the workforce do their jobs. The driving force and Ingenuity of 150,000 people at the front lines are a terrible waste for you to overlook.

    I have a brother in law that just has to smile when I told him about the no left turn areas. As an industrial engineere for 30 years himself, his response was "and UPS swallowed it?" Yuo, hook line and sinker. And it can work, if mandated, at the expense of the service to the customer.

    Thing is, you can micro manage all you want, but if you loose track of reality, and what has made us one of the greatest companies in the world, then it is all for nothing.

    If you really want perfect service, let your people go. We can give you that every day if you let us.

  15. browniehound

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    Iko, I agree, but for reasons stated above Monday is our best chance for perfect service. I think this is an excuse and it should be an unexcaptable one for our company.

    I rarely run out of time in delivering airs. In approximately 2.5 years I think I may have run out of time 3 times while delivering my airs. I know what I can do before 1030 down to the minute.

    So, I rarely have late airs for any reason. Most drivers in my group rarely have late airs also.

    My point is, there is an emphasis put on is drivers to make our commits so much so that I have a late air about once per quarter. I think this is the standard.

    My theory is, if the same pressure was put on the unloaders, sorters, loaders, preloaders, etc. then we could have more perfect service days.

    Think about it. By making Mondays a goal for perfect service, the company is basically saying: "Get the airs to the drivers on time and they will make service".

    Thats why I think UPS should now focus their attention to other parts of the operation to improve overall service. Doeas everyone agree?
  16. DS

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    They've been pushing the perfect service Monday thing here a long time now.I don't know about you guys but I find it insulting.Do they think we do it on purpose? I get tons of air almost every day and 99% of the time I deliver ground with it.I usually get about 10 -10:30's and about 20 other noon commits.They tell us to stop at 10:15 and 11:30 and go through your load and look for misloaded air.Some days my car is so jammed,that's just impossible.When I run my butt off and deliver 30 commits on time it pisses me off royally when I find a resi express buried on a shelf,or a nda letter behind a dump stop on the floor.
  17. outamyway

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    The loaders have the magical PAL label. They could train a monkey to do that job right? Try to get a monkey to load 1200 pieces in 4.5 hours and see what happens. I know from experience. You can kill yourself doing the job and the job still doesn't get done right.

    From what I've seen center managers and on roads could give a rats ass whether the truck is loaded RIGHT. They just want it LOADED and you on road. The part time sups are pretty usless in that respect also. "Bulk it in!" Yeah, sure with air and irregs still coming down the belt. They can barely hold on to new hires long enough to properly train them and thrownig them to the wolves isn't the best way to gain experience. So, no matter how bad of a loader you are, if you've been there long enough, they'll always need you.

    The preload and loaders in general are the top of the service failure downward spiral. Service failures lead to cutting cost. Cutting costs leads to payroll cuts. Payroll cuts mean less hours worked. Less hours worked means less people and time to do the job. Less people and time lead to service failures.

    Upper managment needs to focus on the beginning of the problem instead of the end.
  18. Lobofan5

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  19. jds4lunch

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    Our sup used to get all hot and horny about perfect service mondays but we really haven't heard alot about it since last summer. Probably due to our brutal service records on mondays.
  20. mattwtrs

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    It's been said many times that UPS steps over dollars to save a dime. If the preload PPH was realistic and only used as a guideline just think how the load quality could be improved. Running a misload can cost $30. A good load can save a driver at least a 1/2 hour on road @ OT. I think another preloader in the plan has been paid for with the money saved! Then maybe perfect service has a chance!