Permanent Driver Bid Split, Need Clarity

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    We recently had a permanent driver bid sheet go up at our facility and I was told it was for 6 permanent drivers. Seniority wise I was 5th on the list as we didn't have many people sign it. I was recently informed by management and HR that they would only be taking 2 permanent drivers now, and then taking the other 4 in January. I was told that a new bid sheet would be posted for it in January. I'm concerned employees with more seniority will now sign the bid sheet and I won't make the cut, even though I did on the original permanent driver bid sheet. Is this a normal occurrence, or has anyone else experienced this? Obviously I'd prefer to keep the original permanent driver intent sheet, but I don't know if there is any recourse.
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    No recourse. Sorry
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    You need to ask your steward or BA. Every area is different. Find out the practice for your area.

    Here, if they post an intent list for package drivers or feeder drivers, the list is good for 6 months. Meaning, that if they need more drivers after the initial ones they took to train, they go back to the original list.

    If it is beyond 6 months, they need to post a new list. I'm sure your area, and most others, are different.
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    Maybe you could steal their name and get the bid instead of them