Permanent part-time or not!?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Wisconsin Rob, Sep 14, 2011.

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    So I started as peak seasonal unloader on August 10th. 2 weeks after I started I got a message that they wanted to hire me on as a permanent part-time employee starting in September. Woo hoo! Things have been going very well, and I have been enjoying the job. A couple weeks ago they hired another unloader and he has been doing good, and we've been working well together. Then tonight as I am heading out after my shift my sup tells me...."So you guys were hired as seasonal and now you are working to the next level of permanant p-t and senority. However one of our regs is coming back soon, so I basically am going to have to pick 1 of the 2 of you to keep on, so now's the time to shine." WTF? Is this legit?
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    He's just trying to get more out of you. This isn't the NFL. You've already had a month of tryouts.
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    First lesson in UPS work, work safely, second is if in doubt, ask your shop steward. Keep doing what you have and you'll be fine. Don't fall for thier carrot on a stick tactics, senority is king.
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    Part-timers quit all the time at UPS. So if a regular employee will be returning, chances are someone will have quit by that time, therfore you will not need to be laid off.

    Also, keep an eye on supervisors working. They shouldn't lay you off while one or more supervisors are working on your shift.
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    Seniority date. Who got their 30 days in first?
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    If he/she is a seasonal, then there is no 30 working day probationary period, right?
  7. menotyou

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    They want you to believe that. That only applies during Christmas peak, I believe. I am not positive, but ivory soap sure.
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    Thanks for the replies!
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    Seniority rules....... Sups suck
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    Seasonal Pt in AUG ????

    This is cover in your local rider to the national contract it might vary by rider.

    The New England rider says that Employees hires to cover Vacations in June, July and Aug don't gain seniority in my local are this would only cover Casual drivers not PTimers. It also states the people hired for peak Oct 1 to Dec 31 don't gain seniority unless called back to work with 60 days of the new year.