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    Got re-hired today as a "permanent" package handler. Yes, I confirmed the usage of the term permanent. I realize it's December. I realize I will probably be laid off come January.

    My question is: Can I be laid off indefinitely despite the "permanent" part of my job title? I realize that may very from hub to hub, but how common is it? Wouldn't it make more sense to just call a spade a spade and call us seasonal scum?

    Is this a sneaky recruiting tactic HR uses to find people to waste their life for a month to "possibly" be called back in January?

    I have an interview Friday for another full-time job. I don't live at home so I don't have the luxury of being laid off until February or later...That being said the job I'll be interviewing for does not offer the brightest future. (Natural grocery store, probably working normal human being hours)

    Disclaimer- I did the preload in 2007 and quit because I didn't know what work was. (Basically my first job)

    Any advice mighy be helpful.
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    Keep both jobs. Most preloaders also have a job during the day.
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    Go to the other interview and see how it goes. Even if you were offered a permanent position, odds are you will be laid off after peak, possibly for quite a while.

    Good luck.
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    Yeah, I figured as much. Thanks.

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    There is no reason why you couldn't do both jobs.
    You might have to change your life schedule around but working at UPS even part time is big.
    Most part timers enjoy just working 4 hours here because it affords them a great healthcare plan for their family and a road to a pension.
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    I'll happily do both if the hours don't conflict. And yes, I agree. That's the reason I wanted to come back. Hopefully it all works out. Thanks for the input.