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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by helenofcalifornia, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. helenofcalifornia

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    How about we all take a pledge and stop all the personal attacks on each other that have been going on. People on both sides (sad to say that there are sides) have been getting way too personal in their diatribes against each other. There have been in the past great debates with rational arguments on both sides without the anger, but is it my imagination, or has the venom increased recently. Am I off base here? What thoughts do you guys have? Maybe I am getting soft in my old age. It could be a "guy" thing too and I just want everyone to be nice.
  2. DS

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    Yes I gotta agree its like in kindergarden in here when
    theres not enough teachers sometimes.If the ones in question were face to face they might be a tad more civil.
    But these boards require typed words that would probobly be spoken in a different way if we were just talking.
    Helen I`m with ya but you`ll never stop all the anger.
    There will always be new colorful characters emerging
    here in the cafe`,it would be nice to bond with the
    current ones to the extent that we dont produce venom.
  3. tieguy

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    all for it. And I agree. I've got this little smirk when you talk to me in person some call it a S _ _ t eating grin.
  4. Channahon

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    I bet all of us have a good sense of humor. One thing I always told my employees is you have to laugh at least once a day at work. And I have worked with some stiffs over the years, and could even make them laugh.

    Now that I'm retired, I still use that same practice - I'm with my husband 24/7

    It works!!!
  5. toonertoo

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    I agree, lets just all get along. And if someone offends you put them on ignore for awhile, if its not your argument stay out of it, and if your skin isnt as tough as it used to be (like me), then dont get into it.
    Remember in grade school the boys stayed with the boys and the girls stayed with the girls. There is a reason for that. Boys can beat the crap out of each other and usually have to before they can be friends. Girls get in fights they fight forever. Just an observation from someone who has always enjoyed watching people.
  6. brownmonster

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    Cmon, this is free entertainment.
  7. good2me

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    I couldn't agree more. We need to be on the same page when it comes to getting serious about this business of OURS!
    We are losing the battle to the competition folks. Perhaps you don't see it every day when you, as a driver, look into your full p7, p10 or p12...but at the end of the day, we are, as an organization falling behind the competition. Our revenue is down and our costs are up....I'm no financial wiz, but that ain't good for business!

    We need to stop bashing each other and start hammering the competition.
  8. cheryl

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    :thumbup1: :thumbup1: :thumbup1:

    I completely agree, there are some interesting topics here that get completely smothered by this stuff.

    We've got a diverse community here and our members should all have an equal opportunity to express their ideas and opinions. For some people it seems to be easier to personally attack the other person than to challenge their point of view in a meaningful way.
  9. trickpony1

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    ....then maybe someone can explain all the third, disinterested parties that are reporting record profits for "our' company.
    You can internalize my post and assume I am personally attacking you or you can answer the question. Your choice.
  10. HazMatMan

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    No arguments?? No disagreements??? Where's the fun in that??
  11. HazMatMan

    HazMatMan New Member

    There's nothing I can do. All UPS sees now is the almighty dollar and how to cut costs, and how to make more and more money, that's it folks, you cannot change that concept no matter how hard you try. And please no attacks on me from management people, listen once again,, YOU CANNOT CHANGE IT!!!!! If that is considered a bad attitude, then yes, I have a bad attitude....We cannot hammer the competition anymore, there's way too much of it....
  12. trucker1946

    trucker1946 Guest

    Life is too short,I have many friends here with whom I agree and disagree with but UPS is not the sole entity in life,enjoy friends and family thats is was counts in life,God Bless:thumbup1:
  13. Pip

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    The concept of the topic is good and very reasonable. Unfortunately personal attacks like have been mentioned are rather the norm, then the exception when dealing with forums that are thriving.

    Anytime you get a lot of people from different backgrounds and upbringings, there is a tendency to let the war of words fly, that might not be said in person.

    Probably one thing I see a lot of is things being taken out of context. Sometimes it is next to impossible to know exactly how a person is trying to come across with what their saying. Plus, add in the fact that we all sit behind a keyboard looking at a monitor, in the comforts of our homes. You can't see facial expressions, or tones of their voice. Assumptions then come into play. Next thing you know, your in a battle to see who can get the last shot in.

    Sometimes it is best to let things slide, then to keep added fuel to the fire.(yes, I know, easier said, then done). Experience as taught me it is best not to read too much into what you read on here at times.

    Most likely, the ones who you might think are in a heated battle would most likely end up laughing and having fun if they were to meet in person. Human nature.
  14. dragracer66

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    It sound's good in theory but it won't happen, there are too many people that come on here just to rattle our cage's and sometimes I just can't hold it back. Sorry it's just the way I am. I have to deal with idiot's all day then come home and read some crazy or insulting thread's!!! Sorry something has to give!!!! I'll give it a try though!!!
  15. good2me

    good2me New Member

    ...I'm not sure who the third/disinterested parties are that you're referring to, but I will tell you that while we are a company that makes a profit...let's all agree on that, our margins are dwindling and our revenue is being generated to a large degree by our increased rates, not by exceptional volume growth. This is particularly true domestically. In fact, the first sentence of our 4th quarter earnings release said "led by a strong performance in its international operations...."

    The fact is, we don't have the growth domestically that we should have. Our 1da volume actually dropped below 2005 levels in the 4th quarter. NOt a good trend for us.

    Didn't mean to start an argument with anyone, I just think we all owe it to each other to work hard to make our company stronger.
  16. scratch

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    You hit the nail on the head, I couldn't have put it any better. I have noticed that since I have been on this board, several long time members have got fed up and left. I also noticed that every once in a while a new member joins and gets jumped on by a bunch of people, so they leave too. I may not agree with what someone says, but I do want to hear their point of view. If you go to the "Who's On line" page you will notice that most of Brown Cafe's readers are on as "Guest". I think it would be nice if they would feel welcome and become Registered Members.

    There is another UPS Discussion Board on the internet that a few of our members visit. As pure coincidence, the UPS Moderator used to work out of my Hub, I consider him a friend of mine. That Board has lost so much activity because its just a small handful of people bashing each other. I hope that we can do better than that here.:thumbup1:
  17. I agree. It appears that many of the high seniority members and "old timers" are quick to bash. Its 2007 do not compare UPS now with the ways of UPS in 1977. Because of all the screwing off you old timers did back then...instituted the gps we now have! Ive heard all the stories about finishing early and heading down the beach for 3hrs before returning to the building.
  18. DS

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    This is a bit off topic but you gave me an idea.
    Us drivers need some initiative to do 110% because
    we are already giving 100% and we still are not doing enough.
    Wouldn,t it be wise for management to include ups stock
    for every driver in the next contract?
    Or as a bounus at year end if you had no accidents,and no days absent.It would probobly result in unheard of sales leads records.
    I`ll take it one step further.Pay all of us drivers $100,000
    a year plus $50,000 in stock.
    Get rid of the sales people and the on car sups
    get rid of preload in centers where the driver could do it.
    Do you guys think I`m crazy?
  19. rebel

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    smokin crack
  20. over9five

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    "smokin crack"

    LOL! Gotta agree. (pass it over)