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  1. JackAttack

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    I'm a p/t employee at UPS and I've been trying to get a sticker for my cell phone and have had no luck. My wife is 7 months pregnant and I need to be available for her 24/7. I called the shift manager and he said that they are not giving them out because they've had a problem with cell phones being stolen. He told me that my wife would have to call flow control if she wanted to get a hold of me. Whats going on, I've noticed a lot of Part-timers at my hub that have a cell phone. Should I just wait and try again?
  2. drewed

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    go to whoever is head of security or lp in your building and they should issue one; if that doesnt work try your ft sup and see if there is anything they can do....that being said since UPS buildings have a lot of concrete and steel in the buildings they dont always get a good signal and it may just be easier to go to flow control; another route is if your pt/ft sup has a cell phone (or if they are office bound that phone) and if you could give your wife that number as a last case scenario
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    OK, I work in a center. I am assuming that you have to get a "sticker" if you want to take your cell phone into a hub, right? I sure am glad I don't work in a hub if you can't take in your phone.
  4. drewed

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    well its SUPPOSED to be any UPS facility, they is proprietory info in all buildings and its supposed to be protected against cam phones. it also can be an issue for drivers of equipment talking/txt while operating, mp3 enabled phones as well as lost time from phone use
  5. Cementups

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    We are supposed to have stickers on our phones but you can never find the guys that issue them. I haven't had one on my phone in a few years now. I go thru phones too pften to have to get new stickers everytime.
  6. trplnkl

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    Special stickers for your personal cell phones? Never heard of such nonsense. If they don't allow me to carry my sell phone, they may as well not text me to call the office. Message" Call center ASAP", it may be a while before it's possible.
    This has to go on my ever growing list of " The stupidest things I have ever heard"
  7. New Englander

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    Absolutely...I always text back - as soon as I can find a pay phone. What do you want.
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    If you work in a big enough hub, go find the sticker issuer (loss prevention?) and tell them you drive Saturday air and your old sticker was wearing off. I have had the same sticker for just less than a year and the outside film is gone, and now the UPS logo and numbers are gone too. All I have is a silver sticker now, but security still waves me through. So maybe just get a silver sticker that's the same shape and put it on your phone and if security says anything tell them it's old. Where I'm at security is a joke.
  9. trplnkl

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  10. freeloader

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    It's supposed to be no part time employees can bring in cell phones. You will find that enforced at most of the bigger buildings and hubs. The smaller and more remote centers often have almost no security at all, so no rules get enforced. Loss Prevention is supposed to give you a little sticker (employee pass) to put on your cell phone so they know that it is yours. So you should start with the Loss Prevention department and go from there.
  11. brownrodster

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    I work in a small center with no security and employees bring in whatever they want. ipods, phones, backpacks. But when I went to driver training at a hub they had a guard shack you went through everyday and a guard who fully checked you out. I was allowed my cell phone and ipod at that hub because I was a driver. They issued me a temporary UPS ID because we have no ID's in our center.
  12. Storm723

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    We carry our cell phones around as there aren't enough radios in the building. Whish I don't understand. UPS being the multi-million dollar company that it is can't afford a few more radios? How about a copier since ours is always broken...Anyway...

    The center manager & FT call my cell phone when they need anything...
  13. Storm723

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    I would say that you are a joke and your integrity is questionable. If you would provide this advice I can only imagine what else your capable of anonomous??
  14. bellesotico

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    No stickers required at our center. Actually they don't really care if we have our phones. I know people that talk on them while they are loading. The only thing they don't allow is backpacks unless it is clear.
  15. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    Ketter would have a heart attack at our ctr. It's not unusual to see customers on the belt. Cell phones/backpacks? What security? Not here!!!:closedeye
  16. Storm723

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    We have security... a lot of people come in with phones, mp3 players, bags and whatever... the only place it is rather difficult to
    bring in or use any of that is in the primary. There is nowhere to store it and a lot walks. But that is a chance you take I guess..
    The loaders bring all kinds of stuff too but it is usually with them in or near one of the PC's while they load.
  17. bellesotico

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    We don't have any security..actually we were just commenting today how we have a secured door in the front that you need a code to enter, but the overhead door next to it is always open. a criminal..or terrorist gonna stop and wait for someone to open the coded door because it would be sooo wrong to walk through the overhead.. :P

  18. Storm723

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    Speaking of overhead doors..

    My favorite to go outside in in the break area where people go to smoke. You have to walk out the actual door, you can not go in or out the bay door...right?? That is part of SWM methods....

    However, they never unlock the actual door so once your outside...your forced to walk back in through the bay door.....:winks:
  19. 5xuser

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    If somebody wants to bring a phone but can't get a sticker, then yes I would suggest ways to get around the rule. Nobody should be denied the right to bring in their own phone. Keep making false assumptions though, it shows your true intelligence.
  20. soberups

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    We have the "clean in-clean out" policy at our building, but it is a joke. The metal detectors in the guard shack beep and screech whenever the door opens so they are ignored. The "guards"....are unarmed, minimum-wage mouth breathers who sit there reading magazines or listening to the radio. Every once in a while someone from Loss Prevention gets his panties in a wad about putting stickers on the cell phones, but no one checks the phones after a couple of days. I dont have one on mine.
    The funny part is that you have to go thru a metal detector to get in to the building, suposedly to prevent guns from being brought in. My question is an unarmed, hung over, 60-year old man equipped with a malfunctioning metal detector supposed to deter a guy who is planning on going postal? I have been setting off the detector every morning for the last 4 years on my way in, and no one has said a thing.