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    Have you ever had a P.I.T.A. account you wish would go away and it finally happens. This one account I have has 10 to 15 cartons daily but each weighs 65 to 68 lbs each. It only measures 12 x 12 x 6 (machine parts). The machine shop is aways from receiving and has to be handtrucked only two at a time.

    My other account is a fabric manufacturer whose rolls are always dirty and heavy. These two accounts just recently moved (not lost to a competitor) this year and my back already thanking me.
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    I ended up trading one P/U with another. Both are a pain, but the one I ended up with has less over weights, so I figure I came out ahead on the deal.
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    Isn't it heaven when you get a break like that.:wink2:
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    I had a pickup that I saw grow from a low of 10 pkgs per day to a high of 250 pkgs during Peak. They have since moved and we now place a trailer there as they are shipping 300-400 daily.