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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by DoctorMario, Jul 11, 2019.

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    So I used to work twilight shift, but I transferred to day sort. I now load, but realised that I have more seniority than all the pickoffs on my belt. I'd much rather pickoff than load. Since I have more seniority can I take someones spot and bump one of them down ?
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    get with your steward only they can answer that for you. but here in my hub, when you transfer sorts like you from Twi to Day, you lose your building seniority, might be different where you are, good luck
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    Even if you were still on the same shift, you can't exercise your seniority to bump

    someone out of their assigned position. Gotta wait for an opening.
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  5. BrownMonk

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    I would check with my steward or business agent. Different supplements have different language for movement within the hub or local agreements. Preferred jobs requires an opening in order to move while some positions may be biddable.
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    I've run into situations where higher seniority folks in the unload or primary have

    wanted to go do work in the outbounds for more time. (OT)

    The issue was denied at the State Panel, with the reasoning that those employees

    had the right to complete their job assignment. A similar situation occurs when

    someone would pass the sort test, been given 30 days to qualify, and after they did

    still had to wait for an opening to occur for a permanent position.
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    So when the position opens up on my belt who determines who gets the job ? The position is not buildable btw.
  8. BigUnionGuy

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    The company is going to pretend like it's their decision.

    You're going to have to monitor the situation....

    And make them aware (the company) of your intentions.

    After that (with documentation) it's grievance time.

    You got a winner.
  9. BrownMonk

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    Agreed but would add that usually HR maintains the preferred jobs list so you might want to check with them as well. Take a pic of the list when you sign it.
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    Track one of em down in the parking lot and give them pink eye
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    What exactly is "pick off"? We don't have this at our center and I've never seen this term used in the union manual or any of UPS documentation.
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    Position on the outbound that processes the flow on the belt. Literally picks parcels from the belt and places them on the chutes or transverse belts that directly lead to the outbound trailers. In my building each pick off was responsible for five-ish doors, setting up the remaining flow for the next station if one existed, and had control start/stop control of the belts.

    Basically the final sorting stage of a larger, non automated building.
  13. PT Car Washer

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    Same thing as a puller? We have high volume direct and also low volume direct. Shoves the packages down the chutes to the outbound trailers.
  14. UnconTROLLed

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    Yeah. Pickoff...hvd= high pick, lvd= low pick
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    Doesn’t hurt to ask. If anything, you’d be on a priority list so when new hires come along, none get thrown into that position ahead of you.

    At my building, it’s up to managements discretion. We have a sort crew, and a jet crew generally speaking. When initially hired, they either randomly throw people inside or outside, or they ask initially. Guys with enough seniority have and still do both roles. Some haven’t stepped foot outside ever. Some have been outside forever.

    What I’ve learned is that some buildings don’t define job titles as easier or harder than others, so there’s no qualified way to have a seniority employee overtake a job of someone that’s brand new.

    Pretty much, other than bid lists, volunteer extra shifts, and vacation/op. Days scheduling, seniority means little as far as general work assignments.
  16. 22.34life

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    With the skilled pay no longer existing.i dont know if the pickoff or sort jobs will be bid anymore.im curious to see how this plays out in the future.
  17. 22.34life

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    I have a bad feeling that everything is gonna be work as directed.no bid jobs inside.
  18. UnconTROLLed

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    Thank you Teamsters
  19. dudebro

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    Those won’t be skilled jobs anyway. People won’t be able to keep up with the knowledge units and will need automation to at least tell them where to sort / pickoff.