Pictures from the old days?

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    From time to time, I have seen posts about the old trucks, old uniforms and such. Would love to see some pictures if anyone cares to share.


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    Why are you posting a picture of my package car?
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    Early in my career (1988) I actually drove one of those. It was a 1957 model p-400. It didnt even have reverse lights, and if you so much as touched the brake pedal on wet pavement or snow, the left rear tire would lock up. There was no fiberglass roof in the package compartment to let light in, just a pair of tiny glass "porthole" windows in the roof covered with screens. It didnt have a light in the back either, so if it was dark out you had to use a flashlight to see the packages. Low backed bench seat; lap belt only; high step; manual steering; 4 speed manual with a granny low 1st gear and an underpowered I-6 carbuerated engine; plywood shelves and BH door. You could not design a worse vehicle to deliver packages out of if you tried.
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    Thanks for sharing!

    DIAD 1
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    Me too. I had the pleasure early in my career here in '88. Bulkhead had a padlock, engine took up much of the cab. They painted it yellow shortly after and automotive used it as a shop truck.
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    We even had electric cars way back in the day.

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    truck.jpg truck2.jpg
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    This is a bike that was owned by the company that evolved into ups.
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    There was one of these tricycles in the Aliso building years ago. Don't know what they used it for.
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    Back in the day we could get raincoats and sweaters

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    we have one in my bldg too. It's used by the maintenance mechanic.
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    Look at the smile on that dashing young lad's face. Definitely not an employee. Prolly seen a package or two though.
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    Safe Driving Honor Plan...Jesus, was that from the 50's?
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    I wish we still used those. They were in circulation when I started driving in 96. So easy and simple, especially for the customer. The worst ones we had were the bilingual ones. Bad enough when they cram so much info on the ones now but the bilingual ones were an inch taller and crammed with all the info TWICE!! Sucked!!
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    I miss the older ingenious logo instead of the newer boring one.
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    I'd rock that low rider any day.