I have notice in the past couple of months that there has been 2 UPS charted palnes that have crashed. I used to be flown on area by chartered plane to an island to deliver. I was wondering if anyone else out there has had to do the same. It was awful. It was only a 15 minute flight but it was the ride from hell. The air over the island is constantly churning. When you came in for a landing it was like taking an old jeep down an old woods road. Then we landed on a grass landing strip with no tower no lights...It used to be a pasture for cows. Yikes. In the end I said I couldnt do it everyday and ended up take 1 hour 15 minute ferry to the island to deliver. I was just wondering if anyone else out there has gone to work by plane,by boat and by packagecar.


Actually, according to the IPNN, there was another accident last week (the third in a little more than a month). The following is from IPNN:

There has been another crash of a UPS Feeder plane. It happened around midnight last night near Mather Airport. The twin-engine Cessna 402 operated by Redding Aero crashed short of the runway while in a holding pattern waiting for fog to clear. Fortunately, the pilot walked away from the crash without serious injuries. The NTSB will meet with the pilot and Director of Operations to learn more about the accident.


I wonder if there is not more of this going on than we realise. I know the company is really hush hush on fatalities. The last one that I know of in our district was the district safety manager being killed when the big rig he was driving went over a bridge. The word is they really dont know what happend, except he was going a bit fast for the corner, but not why. Shame, he was a real neat guy! A real loss to UPS and his family. Shame about these other guys that lost their lives this year trying to get the stuff through.