Plantar Fasciitis

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    So, a few months after I started driving I began getting really bad pain in the bottom of my feet. After the car ride home from work, after sitting on the couch for a while at night, and worst of all when getting out of bed in the morning I'm walking like a 70 year old for those first few steps. After being up and around for a while the pain is mostly gone. I don't jump out of the truck--I use the hand rail most of the time, etc.

    I went out to dinner with my folks tonight and my mom told me I have Plantar Fasciitis. She has no medical background but the woman is way smarter than I am so I looked it up when I got home and it looks right.

    Plantar Fasciitis - Symptoms, Treatments, Causes of Plantar Fasciitis - from WebMD

    Most of us suffer with various ailments from the job and the pain and don't talk about it but I'm just wondering if anyone has this same thing and if you've tried cortizone shots, some other treatment or if you've found a way to modify how you deliver to fix it?
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    I had it , the more you stretch it the more it helps and I mean you stretch it all day

    Right out of bed stretch , get out of car stretch , after doing a hour work stretch , I mean do it whenever you can and it will last a while but will go away
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    It also helps to have shoes that fit properly, both width and length.

    1BROWNWRENCH Amateur Malthusian

    Good, strong arch supports. Helps me. I'm on my feet all day when I'm not lying down on the job.:funny:
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    Wear shoes with good arch support. I have high arches so it was a problem for me if I wasn't careful.
  6. Bagels

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    I began showing symptoms of it in my early 20s but ignored them until it progressed to the point of misery. Literally, instead of enduring a few moments of pain the in morning, my feet stiffen virtually anytime I "rested" for more than a few moments and the cycle would start over again. I went to a podiatrist who gave me some stretching exercises to perform along with a pair of OTC orthopedic insoles that cost $20. Because of my age he did not want to give me a cortisone shot, or perform surgery (and custom orthopedics cost about $400 and as the company-controlled insurance plan does not cover it, I declined them). It took several months, but the pain began to fade away.

    FWIW, while it's rare before middle age, and usually caused in youth/young adulthood by being overweight, mine was because I had the tendency to wear my shoes too long. I wore my work shoes for over two years, my work out shoes for several years and my casual shoes for nearly eight years. Even though the shoes appeared to be in good shape and I replaced the insoles regularly, they were well worn and not providing enough cushion.
  7. Cementups

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    If you had PF you'd pretty well know it. I have a few friends that I have gone through it and it's everything they can do to even stand up, never mind walking. Make sure you are in the right type of shoe for your foot and walk type and a good insole never hurt anybody. There is a reason some shoes cost $50 and others cost $150. It's usually worth it.
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    Firstly I would bet your mom isn't just smart, she's probably a brilliant woman and very well could be right. With that being said, it might be smart to see a podiatrist if your feet are hurting that much. Our feet are so important and we often neglect them. They're one of our major supports and stabilizers and we should give them more love. I'm sure you've done this, but get your feet measured, especially the width.

    I myself have problem feet, but was a little too embarrassed to see a podiatrist, but I finally did on Friday and glad. I was way off on what I thought was wrong and have to do some fixing. I don't know if you've ever had a cortisone shot... but it burns like a mother going in.
  9. 728ups

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    Get a small plastic bottle,fill it with water and freeze it.At night roll your feet over it as long as you can. In the mornings RIGHT when you get out of bed stand flat footed and then use the balls of your feet to push yourself up and stand on your toes. Do as many reps as you can . I'd also suggest going to a podiatrist and getting fitted for inserts for your shoes.
    All of the above worked for me and I no longer suffer from Plantar Fasciits.

    If you are a Diabetic or Pre Diabetic be careful as Cortisone will shoot your Blood Sugar Level VERY high
  10. barnyard

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    If the insoles are not covered by insurance, look for a work shoe or boot that has a double-layer, leather welt. Whites boots have a very high arch support. They have a pair of leather walking shoes that make very good work shoes. If you have a local Whites dealer, have them measure your foot, then have them make you up a pair of walking shoes with a double leather welt. When I had mine rebuilt, I paid a little extra for that. Money well spent.
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    I get blue balls a lot.
  12. Baba gounj

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    NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) help too.
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    Awesome responses. Thanks.

    I noticed on friday that I was pushing myself up hard out of my seat at most stops on the steel ridge below the pedals and have since then tried putting my seat higher and kind of swiveling my body toward the bulkhead door and just sliding off the seat/stepping away from the seat and the pain has started to get a little better.

    Another thought about this...the pain started around the time I got the sketcher sneakers. Odd thing about that is that they are the most comfortable shoes I've delivered in so far and I'm still using the dr sholl (spelling?) work gel insoles I used with previous work shoes.

    I've lost a lot of weight since I started driving but still am overweight so I think if I can loose more that should help too.

    I'll try the stretches, frozen water bottle trick and look into the insoles/experiment with different footwear.
  14. Bagels

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    When I developed it, I was wearing a pair of Red Wing shoes that cost me a pair of paychecks. I now exclusively wear Sketchers; a local department store sells them BOGO once or twice per year, so I snatch a pair of casual shoes & a pair of work boots. For less than $30 a pair, you can't beat the quality and comfort. My PF hasn't returned since.

    See a podiatrist, as the OTC insoles that work best are purchased exclusively through them, and he can direct you to exercises that work best for you. And I agree that generic Aleve works best.
  15. Dizzee

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    ​They can fool you by feeling comfortable while wearing them. I had a pair of work shoes that felt great, but when i got up in the morning I could barely walk.
  16. Brownslave688

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    You can also use a golf ball to massage your feet. Stretch stretch and stretch some more. I stretch my calves on the steps of the truck many times throughout the day. They also sell socks that will stretch u out while u sleep. Wear shoes all the time!!! I wear flip flops or crocs around the house 24/7. This makes a huge difference.

    I also have noticed when I am doing squats consistently the pain is much much less.
  17. BUCN85

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    I've had plantars as well. Hated it. Tried everything. But ended up to go to the foot dr which was the best move. Gave me these hard plastic insoles and at first they weren't very comfortable. Took some time to get used to them. But after awhile they're my feet feel good. And all of this was covered. Stretches feel good too. Do those to this day still.
  18. gingerkat

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    I know exactly what is going on, your pants are too tight. Silly man, remove offending items, and get color of choice back lol
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    I thought the skechers for decent shoes at first but they get torn down quick. Their actually not that good for your feet. Just read reviews on them by people that are in our type of job. Ive switched to joya shoes now. Way more comfortable than the skechers. Joya are affiliated with MBT shoes. Google MBT if your not familiar with them. Well worth it to spend 100 to 200 bux on work shoes for your feet and back. Plus the work shoes are a tax writeoff just in case you didn't know that.
  20. Bagels

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    Publication 17 (2012), Your Federal Income Tax
    You can deduct the cost and upkeep of work clothes if the following two requirements are met.

    • You must wear them as a condition of your employment.
    • The clothes are not suitable for everyday wear.

    It is not enough that you wear distinctive clothing. The clothing must be specifically required by your employer. Nor is it enough that you do not, in fact, wear your work clothes away from work. The clothing must not be suitable for taking the place of your regular clothing.

    Thus, your work shoes are not tax deductible. And even if you claim your work shoes, your tax liability will be reduced by only a few bucks.