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    So I hear this term a lot and I know that it stands for "package level detail" - but what does that mean? Does it mean that it doesn't have a 1Z or that it is a handwritten label? I always print my labels off of myUPS, do my packages have PLD data? Is this the volume that ends up in the D.A. area?
    I have asked my managers, but they don't seem to have any idea either other than repeating what the acronym stands for (no help), and it has something to do with linking the package to a trailer (duh). If anyone can break this down to a dummy, non-I.T. level I would greatly appreciate it.

    Lost in sea of acronyms
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    I think it has to do with who handles the package by the scans, what doors they are getting unloaded from and loaded to, all that kind of information. Don't know for sure. LP would know if you see any.
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    98+% of packages have PLD. Probably closer to 99%. It simply means that it was created by a computer and the computer successfully transmitted the data of that package to UPS. So UPS knows from the information transmitted that PKG 1Zxxxxxxxx is going to 125 Main St, Clarksville USA. From that we know what center that delivers it, then therefore which car it goes to for delivery and what area on the car for the PAL label. Occasionally the customer does not successfully transmit the data from their end of day. When that occurs we do not have the PLD, since it wasn't transmitted.
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    Pickup customers still using the SRM book are unable to provide PLD.
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    Thank you