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    I agree to an extent. I had a 134 lb irreg I was trying to get on the Pen belt and there was no one around to help me so I asked the supe who was doing some paperwork to help me real quick lifting it. He said he cant or he'll get in trouble. So I just left it there..
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    If there's a shortage of people, I turn a blind eye since it helps me out. I have to pick off for 5 trailers and split packages for 5 other trailers. If a supe comes up and starts splitting for me, I'm not going to complain. Now if we're well staffed or someone has been sent home, then I might make a bit of fuss about it, but it's a judgment call really.
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    ..........(sigh).....3 steps forward, 2 steps back..........
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    If u dont like it then go work for Fed Ex. Supervisors should never load or unload anything. Tell your story to the guys who get laid off in January and part time sups are loading trucks and splitting the belt while their at home. I would file a grievance in a heartbeat also. Look at it this way, if that same sup saw u jump across a moving belt he would fire u in a second and not give a sh##. It's all about making themselves look better by keeping the numbers down. File grievances and more help will be hired.
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    It is one thing when everyone is working and fully staffed to get the job done, but when they plan to get the job done each day using sups it's another. There are times when we have preloaders laid off or sent home while sups are loading and thats not right. They want us to live by the contract and they should try to do the same. That is not a gray area as they call it. We do all work for the same company and want it to succeed, but lets try playing by the rules set up by both sides and get along the best we can.
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    Apparently nobody informed you what this union is about. It's us vs management -- simple as that. Not by our choice, UPS has made that decision with their choice of management style. It has nothing at all to do with being a cry baby, it's about protecting the work of union members. That supervisor doesn't pay dues, therefore he has no entitlement to be doing that work. You need to think about the big picture, that supervisor is doing that work and how many other supervisors are working across the USA at that same moment? More people need to be like that guy who threatened to file, it's a dying breed at UPS. Our paychecks all come from UPS, but you should be a Teamster first. It's about knowing your rights, sticking up for them, and forcing UPS to adhere to the contract they agreed to.
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    Seems a matter of common sense to me. I agree that if they send folks home and work most of the shift something should be said. I tend to warn them a couple times and if they don't find an hourly, just step over and look at the clock on the wall. :devil3: It works.

    Anyone who refuses to help with an over-70, be it hourly or management, is a worm. The point is to get the stuff on the trucks and the nearest employee should be willing and able to lend a hand.

    We have an employee on the sort aisle who can't seem to work alone. Has to have someone close all the time to talk at. I also look at the clock, no warning, when the sup is over there talking and working along side this employee. If they have the time to blabber, they have the time to handle the sort.

    If we are truly getting slammed and short of help I don't complain. Our sup often helps dig us out of messes and/or helps us with heavies. He also does some tape-ups if the pkgs are in our way. I have much respect for him because he helps us all the same, then goes back to supervising. Lucky to have this man as a sup.

    I've never grieved management working but have often asked if they could find another hourly to do the work. It has worked well.
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    You have to look beyound the obvious....
    Why were they running late??? Late start time? Not enough preloaders?

    A supe is doing hourly work because????
    No Hourlies were available? How many hourlies were sent home from the unload because they wrapped up leaving preloaders to load trucks and such? Were there drivers standing around that could have done the job?

    Ok, how long did it take five minutes for the supe to do that??? Well what is 5 minutes a day? 5x5=25 so 25 minutes a week but it doesn't happen every day so lets say 1:15 per month x12 = 15 hours per year at what $8.50? $9.50? $11.00 $15.00 per hour...

    That would be a minimum of $127.50 taken away from an hourly worker... What about team work and making sure people are hired to do the job??? What about earlier start times so we can be successful and do our jobs???

    They CAN NOT take UNION WORK away and assign it to a NON UNION employee...
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    And you should have UNION help with that IRREG - BUT Supes CAN NOT TURN A BLIND EYE to unsafe conditions and that means helping you OR pulling someone from another area to help you...
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    What should be done in this situation.
    My building is in a pretty affluent area. They have to bus people in from over 30 miles away to get part timers. They are constantly hiring. But it is a revolving door. I came in with 8 or so people. I think there is only 2 of us left. They are short handed, but can't get the help needed. What should they do? To me they have to work and help out. I only see the part time sups working. I am sure they would rather walk around sipping coffee, but they have to work to get the job done. So what should UPS do? If the Part time Sups didn't work the tucks would never get out on time. The pulses (part timers) on my belt are constantly coming in late, not showing up (with out even calling) and so forth. One guy was out for almost 2 weeks. He said he had a “nasty cold”.
    This is a big issue where I work. And I see this problem getting even worse with the new contract. Part timers will be even harder to find, hire and keep. I think the Union has left the Part timers out of their thoughts for a while and we are just seeing the beginning of a bigger problem.
    I am not saying they should work. But if they can't get people to do the job, what should they do? Start earlier?? That wouldn't work where I am as the compitent, reliable, hard workers are the ones that have other full time jobs. If they extended our hours, I know a lot of us would have to walk. Just not sure what the solution is.......well I do......better pay for part timers.
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    I had a Sup help me sort the bags that came off the trucks and the guy pretty much flipped out on him and he told me and another guy who are also new about how this is money coming out of our pay...

    I thought that sups are in the union as well??
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    No, they are not in the union.
    They need to pay enough to get the job done by union employees.
    So if 8.50 isnt getting you what you need, you need to raise they pay.
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    my first experience with a union
    I was about 13 years old. I was in a television studio about to get interviewed. I had done a few other programs prior to that interview and so I was familiar with sitting down and having the sound guy fish the little microphone up my shirt and pin it on my collar. So this time I sat down and thought I would help out and fish it myself. Just as I started a guy from the control comes over the speaker and yells at me to stop. The sound guy saw that I must of looked offended and said "its a union thing, we have to do the job other wise we wouldn't have a job"

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    "It's us vs management" This reminds me, I need to buy more FedEx stock. There is no way we will be a strong completive company with infighting like this.
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    Do you know that this is covered in the contract? What is a contract? Do you have a copy of the contract? Probably not.

    The contract states that bargaining unit employees must be used for all work that is not of a supervisory nature. If no bargaining unit employees are around, then some MUST be found. Get out late? Whose fault is that? Did the company forecast wrong? Probably. Did your fellow employees cop out and not show up? Probably.

    In my case, as a feeder driver, sure, I'd love to be out early or on time the last day or night of the week. But, if there's work to be done, I'll stay all night or all day on Saturday by myself to get it done, just so that the company abides by the contract. It's not my fault that the work is not done.

    But know this: The company and the union BOTH signed the contract. What does this mean? It means BOTH have to abide by the rules. In this case, the rules is "No supervisor performs hourly work". Period!
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    If everyone on your line grieved that I guarantee you the next day you'd have a new trainee there.