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Who Do You Think Will Be Indicted Tommorrow

  • 'Scooter' Libbey

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  • Dick Cheney

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  • Stephen Hadley

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  • Judy Miller

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  • All The Above

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  • We'll never know, it's a secret.

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From the CBS Evening News, to air at 6:30PM:
CBS JOHN ROBERTS: Lawyers familiar with the case think Wednesday is when special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald will make known his decision, and that there will be indictments. Supporters say Rove and the vice presidents chief of staff, Scooter Libby, are in legal jeopardy. But they insisted today the two are secondary players, that it was an unidentified Mr. X who actually gave the name of CIA agent V alerie Plame to reporters. Fitzgerald knows who Mr. X is, they say, and if he isnt indicted, theres no way Rove or Libby should be. But charges may not focus on the leak at all. Obstruction of justice or perjury are real possibilities. Did Rove or Libby change statements made under oath? Did they deliberately leave critical facts out of their testimony or did they honestly forget? Some Republicans urged Rove to step down if indicted. Not a happy prospect for president Bush.