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    Is it Just me or does it seem like we haven't exactly been getting the best of the best here? I have seen good drivers make one small mistake and they are ready to fire them, but a dispatcher, operations or terminal manager that can't get there :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: together they seem to stay forever. You would think with UPS being so demanding of perfection from the lower ranks it would carry over to the higher ups.
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    You would think but heck our management likes to piss off our major account and then we lose business from them. ex. last friday the major asked for four trailors for shipments well our management only sent one, and that :censored2: them off so bad Richmond had to come up and straighten things out.
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    welcome to the UPS family!!!!!!!!!!
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    It's not "O" anymore and UPS will hold everyone accountable for their actions up to and including termination.
    I view it as a way to keep us all in check, inline and ready to explode the UPS brand name into the LTL world.

    Slowly but surely the old "O" mentality will be drained out of the existing employee and manager. The strong will succeed where the weak will either move on or get terminated for not complying.

    Appearance wise and internally wise we may not look pretty, but we are making progress. After we become organized and settled and the Pension buyout becomes a thing of the past, I feel we are going to be a force to be reckoned with.
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    In my area some of this is true, but it does go up in to the higher ranks too, from a preloader all the way to full time management I have seen the good ones get scrutinized over the smallest stuff while the bad ones get away with murder. We have a full timer that has screwed an employee out of some pay and when asked about it by the employee the full timer told him " I'll screw your check up again!!" there are reports that he fudges his numbers so that his production looks better too, and with all the "integrity" that is preached he is still here and screwing up peoples pay checks!!
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    In the terminal I work at and have worked at for years, it seems nothing has changed for the better. We used to have meetings to inform us of goings on, but since the transformation to UPS Freight we have none. It is up to us to find out about things,etc. (rule changes safety guidelines...etc...) Seems everyone does about whayever they want as long as things get done, nothing is said. Also do not know about three fourths of the management team there,as in supervisors because they are never introducded to the employees due to no employee meetings. Also we never see the sales staff anymore. Do not even know how many there are. Oh well, must be how Brown does business.
  7. This is very true especially in the West. We have a VP who has been in place since the UPS buyout and he hasn't even been to all of his terminals.......I guess he is busy.

    As far as sales goes, they are working hard, the ones that have stayed, but only to have potential account after account be turned down by the company as unproffitable
    business. It has to be very demoralizing on them after they put there heart and sole into trying to bring on new business.

    And yes we are losing not only experienced sales people, but also senior terminal management in local P&D barns because they are fed up with the way they are treated and talked to by UPS transplants into the company.
    There is no incentive to develope your skills when they continue to import UPS package people into the company and stifle your career growth.
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    There is a lot of mistreatment and poor management going on.
    fr8dude you must be drinking brown koolaid.
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    Odessa is the same way. Management is the same way. No disclipline.
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    I would think this is a very confused time at UPS freight, everyone worried about their job and other pressing questions. I would just keep plugging and let them work it out. If I could not do that I would start to look for another driving job.
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    This goes back a few years, when UPS first bought Overnite.

    I had the opportunity to meet an sales executive from Overnight at a UPS Staff Meeting. He was extremely proud of Overnite, their service commitments, time in transit and relationships with Overnite customers.

    He was excited about UPS buying Overnite and joining the UPS portfolio of services. He was also neutral on the Union issues. I do recall the Teamsters aggressively pursuing Overnite to unionize. And UPS position was not to endorse unionization, but rather let the employees make their decision.

    All in all, I was impressed with the material presented and knowing UPS, they would never have purchased Overnite had it not been in the best interest of both organizations.