"Porch Pirates" Questions for Drivers


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This year will be an extremely challenging year with porch pirates due to the circumstances. Have your head on a swivel and pay attention...anyone following you call the police immediately , supervisor observation or not.
Lmbo @ supervisor observation.
911: 911 state your emergency.
Package car driver: I'm a driver for UPS and I'd like to report a strange man with a beard following my truck. I think he's up to no good!


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Simply leaving the screen door unlocked works wonders for small items.
I read notes, whether in the board or posted on a person's front door.
As stated above, ease of use is your friend.
Other than lockers at apt complexes, I've yet to see any other devices that prevent theft.

Go ahead! take @MECH-lifts beard oil delivery!


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If it’s something that looks expensive that doesn’t require a signature (like small arms cartridges), I’ll leave it at the back door. Surepost, Hello Fresh and those heavy costco grocery boxes go right on their front porch. I’ve had people follow me around and watch me deliver, wait till I leave then go steal the package I just left. So sometimes back door releases don’t even work. With so many people unemployed right now with money problems, package theft is a huge issue in my area.

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Bam all done!!
Don’t waste your time , drivers already figured out how to hide packages.


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