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    I'm proud to say my UPS driver, just celebrated his 25th year at UPS. (in March). I've loaded the same driver for 3 in half years now out of the 5 in half years of total service. It's been a real honor. I'm one of those loaders that take my job somewhat seriously. I know if I load the package car correctly, than my driver will have a good day. Now when management tries to step in, and tell me to load his car differently. I shrug it off, and just load it the way my driver wants it. Why mess with something that works? That's my thought process at least. [Of course some on here might not agree with that, but for me it's been working lol].

    The other driver I also load for, has also 24-25 years of sonority on him. Very friendly, doesn't complain. He's given me so many positive things over the years. Then my final driver, is known as the 'sub route'. Who ever is free that day gets to drive the bulk/resident car.

    I want to thank my drivers for great perfect service, and friendly working conditions!!! Let's continue that, who has inspired you over the years? What are the positive things you've learned while on the job from others?
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    OK, first of all. Random Facts for a screen name is way too confusing. I thought I had entered a 4th dimension.
    Then follow that up with a POSITIVE thread. Are you kidding me?
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    I keep submitting my pickup log to get changed because the times are messed up and it never gets changed yet they still harass me about pickup compliance.
    They call me in the office to wonder why i am and hour over but completely forget i helped someone after my work.
    When i call for a second truck and they question why i can't fit 1800 packages in my car with my 60 other pending house stops and 8 more pickups.
    I tell them i have need to be done by 7:00PM but then send me message later at 6:00pm asking me to cover more pickups.

    I quess the most positive part of my day is when the DIAD ask me "Are you sure you want to punch out?"
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    this is more like a thread from a troll
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    THAT LOOKS like most of the loaders by 0830. so much for postive thread.
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    Positive thread?
    I'm positive I've never seen this before!
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    Hey great job and thanks for having a great attitude.
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    A couple of weeks ago, I had my 25th anniversary of UPS employment. I personally had no intention of saying anything about it, but when I showed up at the PCM my center manager had bought doughnuts for everyone and she announced it to the group and presented me with a plaque and everyone clapped. It was a classy thing to do and a nice way to start the day. The company has reinstated the awards program for safety and years of service milestones, so I will also get to order a watch or a ring or something.
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    And I was even an underload that day, home by 5:30!!
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    I brought a positive attitude with me to UPS and no matter how they try, shards of it still remain. It's kept me out of the line of fire for the most part.
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    When did they reinstate the rewards program?
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    OK, that part was a fluke!
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    X2, not here.
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    First I have heard of it. I passed my anniversary about a month ago with nary a word.
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    because upstate nyer works for us
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    Then you dont work in our building its positively bad
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    I got to order a watch for my 25 year anniversary last year and received a plaque. I don't think they are giving safe driving awards again. Just the yearly pins.
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    Here where I'm at 25 get you an eleven hour day.
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    25 years congrats good job BUT YOU COULDNT AFFORD TO TAKE A DAY OFF?