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    I'm scheduled for an interview in the next few days for a seasonal driver helper job and while I've looked through the forum quite a bit, I still have a question that need answers, mostly from the ladies!

    I know that we get a uniform but do any of the women have any insight on the sizes of these things and if they go all the way up? I ask because as a busty woman, I tend to run into issues with sizing and sometimes things just do not fit. :dissapointed: I just don't want to put down my normal size and the L or XL not working! And if so, we are allowed to bring and wear a jacket over the uniform, right? I assume we can since it'll be cold.

    Please and thank you for your answers! <3 <3

    P.S.--I didn't see this kind of question in other postings so if this has already been answered elsewhere then I'm sorry. ono
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    You will be given a pair of uniform pants and a pullover jacket which means you can wear your own shirt and undergarments. You can also request a stocking hat if the weather gets that cold where you are. You are responsible for your own gloves and boots-----don't go out and spend a lot of money on these.

    When you do start there are two things you can do that your driver will really appreciate----show up to the meet point on time and ready to work. Try to use the restroom shortly before your meet time so that does not become an issue. If you do have to use the restroom during the day try to plan that for when you and the driver are at a stop with a public restroom. Bring food and water so that your driver doesn't have to make a special stop. If you smoke try to limit that to when the driver stops to sort the load-----never smoke while making a delivery or when in contact with the public.
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    Some areas, you will get a pullover jacket and hat only. Our center has not given helpers pants for at least 4 years.
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    Well that's a disturbing visual...
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    okay okay, I'm being nice...lol. As a not small chested female....i have a helper pullover jacket I wore on the road last winter...it's a large. Does that help? Just try it on when they give it to you in orientation.....
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    In So. cal you get the standard brown shirt and man pants. Because we don't fit the same as men, we women were allowed to try things on and change our sizes. I think you'll find that these shirts might run bigger, since they're meant for men. We are told that we can wear a hat, jacket & gloves, but they must be black or brown. Undershirts must be either white or brown. Good luck.
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    Will you be my helper??.lol.........your right not many options for helper uniforms!.if you even get one!
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    you got it, sir....but you better behave yourself....a lil...lol. They don't give us uniforms...just a ups jacket over my preload clothes the last times I went out as a helper.
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    Due to homeland security rules............................I just may have to pat you down......cant be too careful!
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    Hmmmm.....that seems fair enough....but I get to return the favor...lol
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