Potential otr to lil brown truck driver question.

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    Hello, I am a first year long haul trucker looking to get hired at as a local driver. However, I have come across a annoying issue the jobs website does not answer.

    Ideally I would like to apply to multiple positions in my state. Yet, the site will only allow me to apply for 1 open position in both package delivery and 1 in freight. So my question is, does applying to one location count for the others or just the one?

    The latter kinda restricts my hiring potential I would think. Now with that being said I do have a phone interview scheduled already. So wish me luck please.
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    UPS and UPS Freight are two different companies owned by UPS
    If hired as a driver at UPS,you will be hired as a casual (fill in summer vaca ) If you have your CDL and want to drive Tractor trailers,,apply at Freight !!