PPH question for Preloaders and Sup's

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Bubba_Brown, Oct 15, 2009.

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    I'm a PT sup at one of the DC metro sort facilities, and was wondering about everybody's PPH on preload. My employees are averaging about 280-330 PPH on a regular day. When I started some time ago, I don't think it was that high. Our facility uses slides (not conveyors or those box carts) for loading the trucks. Right now preloaders usually start around 0345 and get out before 0800. Each pull has about 1200 packages each, and 4-5 package cars per loader. Are these numbers similar to those of your building?
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    Man our preloaders are like machines here at least 500 pph on a slow day,each pull here has about 2500 and about 8 package cars per loader.the start at 3:45 and are done at 7:00 am they dont go to the restroom they dont talk they dont stop for a drink,all they do is load ,load,load,you would love it here.
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    Our Building has each person loading between 800-1100 and they start around 4am and don't get out til 8:30-9:00. They use less slide people and use the loaders to cover. Some people load about 250 pph while most are loading under 200. First it was 180, then 220, now its 230 with 300 your first hour.