Pre-Employment Drug Screening for UPS Software Engineers

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    I've read the threads dealing with pre-employment drug screening for UPS, and I understand how they would screen candidates for package handlers and delivery drivers, but for the position that I'm going for, I have found no answers. The position I'm applying for is for an Intermediate Application Developer (basically, a software engineer). From my experience, software engineers do not have to lift heavy packages, drive trucks or operate heavy machinery (for all the potential trolls out there, there's my trump card, lol). So, I would like to know - especially from anyone in the software engineering and IT department - if they do any drug screening for their IT department positions. Not looking for any trolling or flame wars, please.
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    Generally speaking, partners and specialists are not screened unless there's some reason to suspect a problem. Such suspicions and actionable intelligence are true for all employees, regardless of their position. One of your first days on the job will be taking a Drug and Alcohol CBT. UPS expects you to perform your duties, whether you're in the warehouse, on a computer, or on road in a clean, sober, and safe manner. You will be subject to a thorough background investigation, which is of more interest if you have skeletons in the closet than a drug screen. You have nothing to worry about unless such a screen or background may uncover something.
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    Perhaps the IS region has a different policy than Domestic Small Package... can't say
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    If you don't do any drugs then who cares if they give you a drug screen or not.
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    So the real reason behind ORION being a mess is all the software engineers were stoned out of their gourds.

    Make sense to me.
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    If package car drivers and inside employees are not tested...highly doubt you are. Only ones for sure to get tested are CDL drivers and that is required because of state and federal laws.
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    They're are screening you to make sure that you ARE on drugs in order to develop state of the art ORION and volume forecast programs.
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    Lame but I like your avatar.