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    about a month ago i informed management that i was pregnant. this past monday i went to my doctor and he put me on restrictions, essentially no heavy lifting. i returned to work on tuesday my regular sched day in brown and was told give us a day to figure it out. so i worked in the office for the day no problem. I returned to work wed and was given a number for ********* hr. she told me i need to file for ada which is the american disabilities act. wtf im not disabled i am pregnant. so hr employee service center sent me the paperwork. i went in yesterday and was asked what sort of light work can i do. i stated i could deliver air for most of my pregnancy with weight limitations. today is friday havent worked again. i am aware that in my building there is someone with less time than me on light duty with an ankle injury obtaining their 8 hrs a day. how is this right. even if i fill out this disabiloity paperwork it would not be processed for quite some time. why should i be penalized for being pregnant. I have been a driver for seven years a loader for two. every person is giving me the run around. i think my next stop is going to be going to atlanta in person causing a stinct. I have been informed that another employee in our local was also having similar issues and was given light duty. any suggestions i have included my email address so if you wish to ctc you can do so at
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    Even though you are not disabled, your pregnancy has caused your doctor to restrict your work. Follow his instructions and let your management team help you find appropriate work until you can return to FT driving. Everything they are offering you is there so that your benefits remain intact and that you still receive a paycheck and most importantly, carry your baby to term.

    Good luck to you.
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    Unless the state law states they don't have to pay her for time taken off for her pregnancy.
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    The problem is that your DR gave you a restrictive duty. Did the DR note put a weight limit on the heavy lifting or just say no heavy lifting... If the Dr didn't put a weight limit on the note than what is considered heavy or light work is open to interpretation... Since your pregnant I would believe that UPS is going to side with a more cautious approach as there becomes a liability issue with both you and your soon to be bundle of joy....

    I hope they do find some light duty job for you to perform... Good luck and work safe.....
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    unfortunatley i have not worked this week, so therefore i am no receiving a paycheck. They are working people who were injured on the job light duty and not me. I do have more senority than them. i am not asking to take time off, by any means i want my dam light duty that should have been granted with a doctors note per local 804 contract. Also the eeoc whom which is my next step clearly states that precnancy must be treated like and injured employee. I have offered to go to another building. anyone have an address or phone number for corperate.
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    doctor did fill in a weight restriction and the amount of hours i can work. i hope so too cause i becoming a very agitated employee whom is trying their best to keep my cool. also just found out they granted a light duty assignment to another pregnant employee. rumor has it that she contacted atl cause they were giving her the run around. why did they wait over a month to give me this paperwork. did they really think a doctor would clear me to do this job pregnant. come on now ups step up to the dam plate and be a man already
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    I'd suggest getting with your local and find out from your BA what the contract and your state laws are. You're not the first female to be pregnant at UPS.
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    light duty with doctors note shouldnt be that difficult huh. way to go ups for making the happiest time in my life one of the most stressful. what can brown do for you
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    Article 16 section 4 of the Master Collective Bargaining Agreement should be all you need to get the light duty that you need.

    What has your local Union Official done for you?


  10. This correlation will readjust when that bundle of joy becomes a teenager.

    Seriously though,
    Relax, the end result of your situation will resolve itself satisfactorily. Don't make your journey there traumatic and tense.