Preload get any easier?


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Watch me bruh. I'll send you a message when I start
Sounds familiar

must have been a 22.4 , try to argue with a RPCD and they’ll grab you by the throat plus toss you over the belt.
I dont want to be the keyboard badass but nothing would make me happier with that happening after I've already worked a shift and highly pissed off already so good luck. Maybe I will get a job out of it haha


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First week I was end of the belt but behind the heavier trucks. This week they have me 2nd or 3rd depending from the splitters and it's annoying as friend. Volume comes and they are still splitting down to my trucks and they're in my way, the people behind me are coming up in my way. Then I'll get a nice 34 item rack going rdr literally every other package for 25 min today was mine and half the other ones were for another one of my trucks. One guy did help out and we just started chucking the rdr where they went and stacked out the other trucks and we still missed packages and I was stacked out half the shift. Volume finally chilled for a bit and I got caught up except for maybe 5 or 6 boxes for each truck and the end of day rush came. Also we had 2 people quit mid shift. So that's fun. I argued with a driver that was bitching about not having a preloader, I said nah. There's walked out mid shift. I've been here. But :censored2: happens, we've been busy. Don't like it come in earlier. All 3 of my drivers didn't show up till 10 min till time for us to leave. Hate it for em. Did what I could. Wasn't as bad as the day before when they moved me to that spot cause a cat fight drama mid shift and I had to un:censored2: the entire truck all shift while still pulling and putting more in

For sure, I hated being at the top of the belt (loaded for just under 9 years before I went driving.)

So! As far as people getting in your way... my fix for that is an official no-no but so long as I kept my pull clean I never caught too much :censored2: for it-- I would build a wall at the top of my pull and another at the bottom. :censored2: that egress up and make it so they can't walk through, but always keep an exit through or between your trucks so that you can get away if need be.

The split that gets pushed past your pull every day will go down in flames and the people behind you will likely complain to a supervisor, who's then going to head your way. Keep a level head and explain as calmly as you can why you're stacking out (don't blame people walking into your pull, blame it on the volume and pace they're trying to run preload.) Tell them you're doing the best you can as safely as you can, and that you're more than willing to accept a little help to get cleaned up. At that point they'll either help you themselves, send some help your way or leave you to carry on drowning in cardboard.

Always put these things back on management, especially if you know you're always giving an honest effort.

*This advice is really only suitable for permanent employees with a seniority date. As a temp/seasonal, it might lessen your already slim chances at a permanent position.
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I dont want to be the keyboard badass but nothing would make me happier with that happening after I've already worked a shift and highly pissed off already so good luck. Maybe I will get a job out of it haha
Good luck he says 😂

My man you would get bent into a pretzel. Trust me when I say drivers have more anger flowing through their veins than a hub rat.

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Been at it for 2 weeks now and the last 2 days have been brutal. Mon I had 4 trucks completely stacked out, even the super fast kid was stacked out. Today was a cluster :censored2:. I was golden till the last 2 hrs and it all went to hell. They said we were leaving at 8, we didn't leave till 930 and boxes were still coming. Drivers problem I guess.

Last 2 hours literally every other box was mine, I had like 30 rdl and put them in the truck fast enough to grab the next and continue and 2 other trucks to pull for like how the hell am I supposed to get anything done with that. Every job I'm pretty fast, this one is kicking my ass. Once I stack out I'm :censored2:ed for the rest of the day.

Bitched about it on another forum and how I'm trying to stick through to be a driver and some try to say driving is harder. I just don't see it. Of course I've never done it for ups. It's handling 1/3 the work load and probably more walking and driving. How hard can it be? I ran a box Truck making deliveries for years. Idk, preload is kicking my ass. Just venting I guess haha
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They were offering preload to RPCDs because of staffing issues. A lot of the rookies were doing it. I had preloaded for 6 yrs before I became a driver.

I volunteered to preload even though I had 30+ yrs in, just to see the jaw drop on management’s face! They were pretty certain I was not going to show up!

What I learned is that they go way too slow early in the shift and then can’t keep up when they speed up the belts right before the drivers get there. At that point, they all stacked out because they couldn’t load as quickly into the bricked out pkg cars.

Preload is all about making quick decisions and learning how to work the belt. I made sure I made it look easy, because every driver in the center came down to see how I was doing! Lol