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    If you want to apply click on the apply button at the bottom of the page. If it won't let you apply ask your HR rep. As for the hours it probably a 9 to 5 job.

    As for how much it pays. It's more than your making now but your going to have to pay for your benifits and you won't be in the union so they can get rid of you when ever they feel like it.
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    Good luck
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    To clarify that assertion - UPS can eliminate the position at any time and the person can consequently be out of a job. It is comparably as hard to terminate a Non-Union employee as it is a Union employee. In my opinion, it is usually easier to terminate a union-employee because their jobs are so well-defined with few gray areas ... you just have to be willing to fire them 3 or 4 times until it sticks.
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    So you admit that UPS fires people just for harrassment knowing that they will get their jobs back:sad-little:? Is it any wonder there is such a war between hourly and management?
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    It's the way the system works Rod.
    UPS is 'forced" to do it this way. The Union gets all the glory of getting the employee their job back and in most cases the behavior is changed and there is no 2nd or 3rd time.

    The same UPS managers do not do this with Non-Union employees so you figure it out. Different system, different inputs.
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    So, why would a supervisor write up one employee for 2 missloads that were caused by misapplied PALS, yet not write up the employee who is doing the misapplying?
    It happened twice to this loader resulting in ART 7. The scanner received nothing. That isn't a form of harassment? (it wasn't me)