Preloader 3 weeks in and a few comments and ?'s

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    Ok, I have been working at UPS for 3 weeks now. YES, it is hard work. I will say that I have not seen a lot of the "problems" that I have read here on the boards. My part-time sups are really great guys. Not one complaint. Co-workers are great as well .....always there to lend a hand. Most of the drivers are cool too, but there is one who Is a pain. Nothing is ever right. So i hope this continues.

    Now for the questions.

    Got my 2nd pay check. 1st pay check had a EMS tax of $52 (required by our county) and that showed up as a tax. Allthough I am a preloader I only got $8.50hr. I figured that was because the 1st week was mostly training. Got 2nd check and I am still only getting $8.50. Question is when will I get the $9.50 for skilled?

    Also, 2nd check pay check had the regular taxes, but it also had a section for deductions. 1) was for "WAGE ATT 1 75.96" and 2) was "WAGE ATTCH FEE 3.69
    Is the 75.96 for the unuion fee? If not what is it for and also when will the unuion fee come out of the check? Thanks a lot guys!! Have a great weekend!
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    Ok, the 75.96 is for child support. I am self employed (other then ups) and I always paid by personal check. Here in PA it is mandatory that they take 60% of net!! No problem there.

    Question now is (when will the union intiation fee's start to come out?) I am wondering if perhaps there wasn't enough left over for the union to start taking out $$'2
    Worked 18.28 for a total of
    -28.79 taxes
    -75.96 child support
    -3.96 wage att fee :(
    total check $46.95

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    the initiation fees should be coming out soon. trust me, they'll get their money so u can continue to make those "high wages" that they bargained for, which is evident by your paycheck.
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    Are you loading a package car? Sorting? What skilled job are you doing that you would be making 9.50? Some people think because they work the preload and throw out of the back of the feeder they are skilled. Labels up:lol:

    You need to put in your 30 days before you can join the union..
    Under Deductions you will see:
    INIT FEE 19.00 (Union Initiation Fee)
    UNIONDUE 8.50 (Union Dues)
    DRIVE 1.00 (If you sign up for Teamsters DRIVE)
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    I only have $20 in taxes and $20 in 401k per week deducted. I never signed up for Union dues. I'm @ $200 a week without 401k
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    Here is something I think about...

    I load 4 package cars

    I make 11.00 an hour

    4 hours a day, 44.00 a day..before taxes.

    After taxes, Im lucky IF I make ..

    $10.00 a package car..a day.

    Think about that the next time you are walking out of the building, exhausted, tired and dirty...and when that driver 'that isn't happy with anything" gives you a hard time.
  8. Back a short month ago when I was a preloader I averaged 5.5 hrs a day also at 11/hr. It wasn't bad then but January to the end of may was kind of brutal in comparison. At least Jun-August (where I averaged 5.5 hrs or more a day) I felt like I was making money somewhat relative to the work level I was putting in.

    That really needs to change. The starting wage is a joke. My grandmother even brought up how UPS used to be the place people lined up to work at because they paid so well for the hard work you put in. The rate was double or more the minimum wage for a while back in the early 80s...all those people that started then are now quality veteran drivers/or PT lifers (because they're still at the driver rate before the two tier wage split). One lady I know on my shift at the driver rate works 5+ hrs a day thats 700 bucks before taxes (28/hr, not including overtime, COLAs etc). She makes more than that on average but you get the point. I believe it was satellitedriver who said "pay peanuts and you get monkeys."

    Bottomline the minimum wage is fast approaching 8.50/hr, in Jan 08 it will be 8.50 an hour in MA...the benefits are amazing but they don't help pay the bills and unless UPS wakes up all the Walmarts, Home Depots, Lowes Distribution Centers etc are going to sap up all the young workers that could have thrived at UPS. The majority of those places pay more (a lot more at Lowes for the same kind of work) have much more flexible schedules and you're able to get more hrs easily. That last one is kind of moot seeing as we are constantly begged to doubleshift due to staffing. I was told people don't look at the big picture at UPS when hired...kind of hard when you're slaving away @ 8.50 and in many cases being told how bad you are at it in the process. The company is just out of touch the with the PTimers and the times...period. One time I went to HR to verify something and most of them didn't even know we got OT after 5 hrs....thats sad.
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    Just think how much you make when those cars are blown out/bulked out... Tell the average person "I will give you 10.00 to load that package car" and they will say you are crazy. No wonder new hires quit in the first couple days...
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    You would have to pay someone $150 to load a package car. Dunno about you but I dont see UPS paying P/T $150 an hour. Imagine what they would have to pay drivers.
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    I bet a few drivers would be willing to pay HALF of that $150 just to get their cars loaded properly:lol:

    The current pay rate would not be so bad if the flow on the belts was a good steady pace alowing people to pull their work.

    There are days where I feel that I loaded 9 cars because of ALL THE MISSED WORK I pull off the belt. Supes don't want it going down the belt so I pull my work plus everyone ahead of me and try to split the belt. Then the center manager comes up and askes what the stacks are and I say "Missed work that needs to be passed up the belt..." The reason the center manager is on the belt to start with is because of all the missed work at the end of the belt... So now we have egress issues - blocked walk paths...

    Sometimes the unload blows the belt out so much they have 30 to 45 minutes downtime waiting for trailers. Then they take the guys from the unload and sort to help rerun the missed work to the head of the belt or help clear egress issues. Sounds good but when these guys from the back are helping to clear the egress that sometimes means they are loading a package car and not checking what car number. Now you have misloads...

    Just start 45 minutes earlier and keep a good flow going... No Stacks or misloads...
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    Wow, those are small numbers indeed, Up here in New York, it would be
    INIT FEE 50.00, 3 weeks in a row (150.00 total)
    UNION DUES 24.00 a month
    That's for part-timers.
  13. you think thats bad? ours would be

    INIT FEE 25.00, 20 weeks in a row (500.00 total)
    UNION DUE 27.00 a month

    this is also for part timers :w00t:
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    Why is your initiation fee so high???

    Also the dues here vary, it is 2.5 times your hourly rate. I have seen it as low as 19 dollars and as high as 62.
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    Looks like a fair days pay for a fair days work went right out the window here folks!!
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    You only pay 4 dollars tax per 44 dollars made??? your lucky!!
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    Each local sets their own initiation and dues rate.
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    quoted from another UPS forum
    "That pay rate is a real surprise to me. I live in California, and have heard that McDonald's workers make $10/hr. I would think that the major difference between the two jobs is that UPS provides benefits. For any employer to provide medical benefits in the USA means less pay to the employees, and if our health care/insurance industry system doesn't get overhauled, it is just going to get worse. My husband is primarily a dishwasher with the job title of "kitchen helper", and he started at $8.25/hr. His raises have brought him up to $11.75/hr over the last couple of years, and the last raise took some effort to get. I believe it is because if we opted in and purchased health insurance, the company would have to pay about $250 more monthly and he would become an expensive employee. Expensive employees are easily replaced by new and cheap hires, and there is no way we will ever opt in to health insurance. The cost is a huge burden to every employer that provides it, and in my opinion is in no way worth the cost."
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    I Don't know why but I just started as an unloader about a month ago and they started me off at 9.50:tongue_sm and the other 5 guys that came in with me all make 8.50. Has anyone else gotten hooked up like this? Is this just a goof up in payroll?
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    I remember I got a 1.00$ raise on top of the 90day raise before my 6 months. I guess they got ahead of themselves and needed to retain.