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    A system they call PAS was just installed at the center where I work, to assist preloaders. As I read the contract the Preloader pay rate is $1.00/hr more than the regular rate. Management is saying that Preloading is no longer a skilled job because of PAS. They said that those with the extra dollar get to keep it, but those moving into preloading won't get the dollar. As I read the contract, it doesn't say anything about skilled or unskilled positions, it just says that the Preloader rate is $1.00/hr more. I work on the Local sort, so it doesn't really affect me anyway, but one of the guys I work with wants to make more money, and he thought he could become a preloader to do so, but our F/T supe said that he can't get the dollar any more since PAS was installed. Is it really true that PAS should affect the pay rate? I suppose UPS might be interpreting the agreement in their own way, and changing the job description from "Preloader" to "Loader" (on account of PAS). Does the contract spell out what a "Preloader" is? I assumed it meant the guys that load the package cars, but if they aren't getting a pay increase they must just be regular loaders. Is this something a preloader could take to the union to get the extra dollar? Any information would be helpful.


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    You aren't going to get a clear answer here as it seems to differ from center to center. This has been an issue at our center for awhile....sorters are supposed to make an extra buck too but we don't get it because we are told we're a small center, therefore considered unskilled. So I would say to pester your supervisors and stewards and see what happens. We keep bringing it up and they keep telling us to drop it because it isn't going to happen.
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    I guess the contract just isn't clear on what "Sorter" or "Preloader" means. Our F/T supe said that to technically be a sorter, you have to sort to at least five different things. My friend on local sort says to the supe, well I'm sorting packages into the feeder, origins out of the feeder, send agains out of the feeder, and smalls into a smalls bag, exception packages to the clerk, and smalls bags into the feeder. That's at least five sort paths. The F/T supe looks at him funny and says that origins and send agains don't count as anything. He says, "maybe I should just send them into the feeder then."

    I'm sure I didn't read anything about sorting to five different places in the contract. I guess UPS can describe a job as whatever they want, and if no one fights it, nothing will happen.
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    We make it simple out here and we pay everone the higher pay rate as it is hard to get someone to work here for that little.
  5. Same here
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    It's a non issue at our center. We have a full time preload.The rate is $28.29 per hour.
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    Nice....a few of ours are at that too.
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    I'm a training supervisor and was on the PAS implementation team in my division. I think all package car loaders SHOULD get the extra dollar. Why? Because PAS only took away the need for memorization of hundreds of addresses--all the other methods stayed the same and increased in importance since loaders must load at a faster speed now. We cut at least an hour per day off every sort we installed PAS in--less money and more flow. I don't like it one bit. You guys and gals deserve more for the brutality and crushing volume you have to live through every morning.

    I'm that rare breed--a caring and rebellious supervisor in the fouth largest hub in my state (a big state too!). Probably won't ever advance because of it, but that's ok. I'm getting my master's in another field right now.
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    Smart guy. I differ with you on the reduction of sort time. Didn't happen at my center.
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    I don't know whether to cry or be sick....
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    What is a PAS? Or is that just what the system or whatever is. What does it do I guess?
  12. drewed

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    It "logically" dispatches packages to cars and cars to areas. instead of having to memorize zips, the packages are scanned at the unload a sticker is attached that says the truck it goes on, shelf, and sequence; allowing the need for less loaders for the trucks...
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    Don't forget PAS allows EDD. More accurate stop counts and package detail.
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    Ummm......not really. Theoretically, yes. Actually, not so much.
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    To the original poster, the contract states preloaders and sorters get the extra dollar, it doesn't say people who your supe thinks are skilled get the extra dollar. Call your BA and get this handled before people get screwed out of their money.
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    Same when I was part time, virtually everyone got skilled pay even if not performing a skilled position. Hard enough to attract new employees. Even harder to retain them.