Pride month


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You forgot to throw in white supremacist anti-semite nazis too

Remember, if someone doesn't agree with you you have to call them ALL the names to be sure
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Big Rigger

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It really doesn't matter I mean if you're stupid enough to bully someone for being gay at work you really need to be fired
Read the corp statement on harassment. If you feel you're being harassed (bullied) it can lead up to and include termination. "Gay" lifestyles don't trump anything else in the realm of being targeted. But what happened after the Lexington and Maumee incidents of non-Caucasian harassment? After it hit the media the crap meant something. Until then who does anything about it?
The trending seems to be subject to the unrest at hand.

Let's just pick up and deliver packages and leave the rest behind. Heck, the bullying I've seen is more consistently involving supes against bargaining unit workers and that hate does not discriminate according to employee's race or sexual practices.
How about a ups pride week that illuminates our history of sacrificing our families on the alter of Mammon.