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    I'm mainly a work as a unloader/scanner/sorter in the primary and was considering applying for part-time supervisor and have a few questions before I go any farther with the process. Whats the hiring process like for part-time supervisor? What kind of money do they make? How do they train you? Will they put you in some part of the plant you have never worked before and don't know what your doing?

    Anything else would be nice to know!
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    If you are interested in a part time sup position, talk to your full time sup. He/She can advise you of what you need to do and answer your questions, that are specific to your district.

    Pay scales vary by district, buildings vary by district, along with the need for part time sups by district.

    Good Luck
  3. First you have to submit a letter of intent. After that you will take a test known as the MAPP, its easy (I passed it easily). The rest is seemingly very secretive just like the formula UPS uses to calculate an 8 hr day for drivers. They don't tell you what they (or you'll) make (not allowed to I'm told) until you're just about to be hired. I think thats pretty lame because that is really one of the first things you want to know. If they told you what you would be making or at least a range, many people would or would not go any further than that step. Instead, they make you go through the whole process (from what my FT says) first and THEN they tell you just before you are hired. As far as the interviews go you may be waiting for one for a while. I was/am, they keep asking if I'm interested and to be honest I'm losing interest in it. They've been dragging this on and on forever now it seems and all I want to know is the simple things about it (from them, I know I've asked a few of the management posters here).

    However be sure its what you want to do....because once you go, you can't get back to PT hourly outside of quitting and getting rehired. You can go back to hourly if you go driving. Most of the PT supes I know wish they stayed hourly, some enjoy it. It all depends on the type of person you are.
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    Bring some vaseline.
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    I have been asked several times over the last 13 years since I have became a driver.My response is still the same.... "Why step down?" :thumbup1: