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Hi everyone, I am a local sort sup in the desert mountain dist. and I was wondering if there are any other sups that may know how to do this. Yes I have called and talked to numerous individuals about this and its amazing how no one seems to know. When doing smallsort we get a lot of pkgs that of course need to be held in the building for the preload guys (you know from City A to City A) but we do not have a bin set up for that. Does anyone know how to print the bar code that I would need? I know its in OCS but exactly where. Any help would be greatly appreciated -- Thnx!


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I am no longer with UPS, but there used to be a number we could call to get the TSC Help Desk. If they could not get the answer or fix the problem, there were field technicians who would be assigned to the task.

Has UPS eliminated the in-house Technical help line?


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Have you mentioned this to your business manager?

Someone in your center should contact IE. The IE rep can revise your small sort scheme, to be inclusive of all destinations you make including your own center slic. Should also be able to get TSG to answer your barcode question.


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Not sure WHAT barcode you would need to print. But once in OCS, on the toolbar, there's a button to print barcodes. click on that, select what type of barcode, and then the specific code. IE would need to be involved to make sure that you have the proper setup (this would be a destination? load?) and if necessary, call 888-ups-tech and they could walk you through printing barcodes from within OCS
Here are the steps you will need to follow:
1. Log into OCS, go to your smalls lineup.
2. Add a position for your smalls lineup for your retain packages. The SLIC will be your building SLIC and Preload as the sort.
3. When you add the new destination you have three options, Origin, Location, or Destination. You will want to select destination. By destination scanning retain packages it will automatically derive an origin scan and give you credit for both the origin and destination.
4. To print the barcode, in OCS there is an icon with a picture of a barcode. Click on that icon, and then click on the Position tab. Select the position you want to print the barcode for. This will work assuming that there is an Eltron printer hooked up to your OCS machine.

If this doesn't work for you, I recommend finding out who your district Hub I.E. is and contacting that individual. Hub IE's should be experts with this.

If anyone from Corp is watching.... we need an internal forum that users can reference for information sharing such as this. I-Gate, otherwise known as the "brown hole" is hard to navigate and it is nearly impossible to find what you are looking for. The tabs and contents within the tabs are ambiguous and poorly selected. The OLD POSG page (pre-IGate) was wonderful and we need to get back to having resources that our internal customers can count on.