Privacy for employee to post a serious complaint

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  1. B3ltB17ch

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    What are the rights for employees of UPS for posting complaints on BrownCafé?
  2. menotyou

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    I don't think 'rights' is the correct term, as we have none. Brown Cafe is not affiliated with UPS. It is a public forum. If you have a legitimate concern, you should raise it with your BA and HR. Document everything.

    If you want to air a 'bitch' on here, be very aware UPS is watching. Make sure you can back up what you say. You might have to someday.
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    Thanks Menotyou. I figured as much. Corporate can be a blessing, or a b*tch. I understand documenting everything, but what if your grievance is against the majority of P/T Sups? Should I "air it to my Union rep first, or should I just head up an attorney?

    This regards serious convictions of workplace harrassment/bullying/ & discrimination.
  4. menotyou

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    DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!! File art. 37 grievances on every incident. You have the union benefit for a lawyer. It never hurts to talk to one. Call your benefit fund Monday and see how to go about it.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The Union has a well-established mechanism in place to resolve workplace issues without the need for an attorney. You should let your shop stewards and BA do their jobs first; if this does not resolve the issue to your satisfaction then by all means consult an attorney. Your local may have a legal benefit which will either pay for or reduce the cost for their services.

    I have found that it is usually best to try to work things out in house rather than escalate the situation, if possible.
  6. dilligaf

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    Dave is right. You need to start at the bottom and work up. IE: union, 800#, HR etc. EEOC is absolutely in that chain as well as a lawyer but you have to start inside and work out. Start with your steward and center manager. If that doesn't work then call the 800# and file a grievance.
  7. hypocrisy

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    I disagree with the other posters mostly due to your last sentence. If these are indeed serious charges of discrimination and hostile working conditions, you should absolutely file a grievance and an EEOC charge at the same time. You do not need a lawyer to file an EEOC charge although consulting one prior to doing so is not a bad idea. The reason for filing both is that there are time limits for both avenues (generally within 180 days for an EEOC complaint and the grievance time limits will be spelled out in your rider & regional supplement).

    Oftentimes the Feds will want to wait until the grievance procedure is exhausted first but filing timely will preserve your right to follow up if necessary. I've also found that when the Union and the Company knows that there will be a Federal agency reviewing the settlement, it tends to promote combustion beneath posterior regions.
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    I know I've seen another poster say this here but I feel the same way. I don't say anything on here that I wouldn't say to their faces. Yep, I've said some rough stuff in here but also said it at work. Hence, the target.
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    Posting a complaint here is meaningless. What would it do?? Follow your grivence procedure and contact any relevant outside agency's.
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    Have you made your 30 Days ???

    If you have problem you need to talk to you steward and or BA about the problems and they might be able to fix the problem or give you information on how to. If not file a grievance. However with that being said if you have an attendance issues, or other work related problems ( miss loads, etc). There is going to be problems.

    I Have found out that 90% of the the people that complain about being harassed bring the problem on themselves. If the majority of the PT SUPs are always bothering you I would think that there might be a problem on your end that needs to be addressed by you and the other problem would go away.
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    HI youy have to post your complaint on this site when it comes up you dont know it but only 2 people can see it and they will decide if it goes on so whats your complaint please tell the screeners
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    I didn't see you at the bar. :)
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    Best answer so far award goes to...Crowbar! Any attorney worth talking to will tell you to exhaust your remedy rights under your CBA (contract) first. However filing a simultaneous EEOC will keep you in proper time frames. If you go through UPS's internal 800 number reporting, your division manager will be contacted to review your complaint. They will then contact every sub layer of management, including those whom you are reporting. Talk to your steward/BA. It'll keep the heat off you.
  14. UPSGUY72

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    I hate it when people post a question but when you start asking for information to give them a correct answer they disappear.
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    You need to start at the bottom and work up. IE :happy2: