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    Hi all, I'm a p/t air driver, and I've been covering 2 223 jobs working 50 hrs a week, and getting paid for 40 regularly. When I do get adjustments put through, they are at straight inside rate, instead of the overtime driving rate I should get. Does anyone else have this problem?
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    I think that meets the $15 dollar limit on a part-time employee's allowable error on a pay check. In the contract if the employeer made a mistake on pay over $15 dollars there are considerable penalties if the mistacke is not paid within 2 days of the problem becoming aware.

    Hope that clears things up when you let payroll know they may be subject to penalties if this problem is not cleared up.:happy2:
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    The problem is, at least in our region, is that the payroll is processed in Columbus, OH. The "local" payroll folks you may talk to are only liasons and really can't do much for you beyond putting in adjustments and praying that Columbus pays them correctly. The biggest reason for the incompetitance in Columbus (in my opinion) is that they are paying all or half of the country from one site. When you consider all the supplemental agreements and the difference in pay that results, of course it's going to be a fricked up mess. In our district alone we have two supplements, and beyond that there are five local agreements concerning paying air drivers during the holidays. The adjustments have to be ultra-specific or else the processor may be paying you based off of some supplemental contract that doesn't apply to you. The only advice is to tell your supervisor to QUOTE THE SPECIFIC ARTICLE AND SUPPLEMENT (like, "according to Article ## in the Western PA supplement...") in their explanations on the adjustment. That tends to work for me.
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    It's hard to imagine that payroll, especially one that services that many different agreements, does not have computer programming that keeps it all straight. All payroll should have to do is enter the correct slic # and then rock and roll. In fact I am surprised if the company's payroll is not totally animated and done directly through the electronically supplied data. Data entered and supplied by the employee.
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    I was thinking my checks seemed light for 3 weeks so when a outside sup came around to talk to us about what could be done to improve things in the building I mentioned it to him. He stood beside me for 3 days when I clocked in and out. He then compared that to what "they" had reported for me for the same time. "They" had me working almost 2-1/2 hours less in those 3 days. I got an apology but I will never trust "them" again.
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    Our center posts the WOR everyday and on every monday the post the prior week. We are able to look at all info hrs wrkd, hrs on rd, sporh, pkg cnt, stop cnt, miles, clock in, clock out, everything. This isn't done at your center?
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    22.3...they're inside/outside you're covering? If so, you recieve a inside part-time wage for inside hours worked, and air driver wage for the rest. I'm not sure if that answers the question though.
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    Any work for a part-timer in any kind of split shift is paid the overtime rate after 8 hours if you are required to clock in and clock out, then clock in and clock out again. Regardless of the concept, worse case scenerio is overtime after 8 hours in one 24 hour peroid. You need to file a grievance for penalty pay and for what they owe you. This will probably continue to be a problem with the schedule you are working, so inform your supervisor, give them 2 days to fix it, then file every week for penalty pay until rectified.