Process of becoming a part time supe?

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by GregK, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. GregK

    GregK New Member

    I was just wondering what the process was for becoming a part time supe. I filled out the very first MAPP thing and I was told the full time manager would have to approve it. What happens next?
  2. I'm new here (well to the site; worked here 10+ years) but you'd probably have better luck in the forum called UPS Partners. Seems to be where most supervisor-related stuff goes lol. Anyway good luck.
  3. joeboodog

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    Seduced by the dark side this one has become.
  4. There's 1 in our center that wants to be a driver so bad. Been a PT supe for like 19 years or somethin'. Great guy, everybody likes him. Sadly it appears it'll never happen for him.
  5. GregK

    GregK New Member

    I know everybody thinks it's a bad idea, but for me, I don't think it is. I don't want to be a driver or a combo worker. I don't plan on being at UPS forever. I'm here while I'm in college. Once I'm out of college, hopefully I'll find a job in my field, whether it be at UPS (corporate?) or anywhere else. Plus I've only been at UPS a few months. I'm not giving up 10+ years seniority for this.

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  6. Monkey Butt

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    Then you are a good candidate for PT Supervisor.
    You will learn getting things done through others, interpersonal skills and accountability.
    It will look good on your resume.
    If you want it, go for it.
  7. GregK

    GregK New Member

    Exactly my thought process. That's why I am. I did the MAPP application thing and the full time manager has my management packet. I'm wondering what happens next.

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  8. Monkey Butt

    Monkey Butt Dark Prince of Double Standards Staff Member

    You wait.
    It's all a matter of prioritization and approval by higher ups.
    Just keep doing your job and mention/ask politely about the status on occasion.
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  9. GregK

    GregK New Member

    Well I was a seasonal so they laid me off and then called me back the next day for a position in the hub, but I wouldn't be able to start again for a couple weeks so the HR person said to call back when I'm available to see if there are still open positions.

    But I mean, what's the whole process, not just the next step. I've heard about a test. Are there any interviews? Stuff like that.
  10. bluehdmc

    bluehdmc Well-Known Member

    You also have to sell your soul.
  11. GregK

    GregK New Member

    Totally worth it.

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  12. UnsurePost

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    sorry, but you'll need at least a graduate degree in Humanities to contend for the position.
  13. GregK

    GregK New Member

    I don't get it.
  14. ChickenLegs

    ChickenLegs Safety Expert

    I would like to congratulate you on your hard work this peak which allowed you to be promoted. There's a lot of haters on this forum. Just remember these kids don't have the leadership and work skills to take the company to the next level. You will do good, I know it. Congrats again!
  15. GregK

    GregK New Member

    Thank you, but I haven't been promoted. I don't know for sure about the part time supe thing. I hope they'll promote me though.

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  16. mvol50

    mvol50 Active Member

    First your ft supervisor does an initial assessment. If they've asked you to be a pt supervisor then you're pretty much safe to pass an assessment. Once that goes through then they schedule you for an online assessment and personality test (with some pointless math questions also). If you pass that and they have an opening for a pt sup then you're promoted. Problem is if the don't have a need for a supervisor right now then you are kinda stuck waiting until it happens
  17. GregK

    GregK New Member

    I've heard that we're really in need supes. And like two or three supes just quit.

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  18. mvol50

    mvol50 Active Member

    Not surprising. Morale amongst the pt ranks where I work is very poor. Eventually you get sick of being the company whipping boy. It's not for everyone. If you're a hard worker it's not as bad. You sound like you've made up your mind and are the right kind of candidate for the job. Just remember it's not a very glorious job. We have a business to run and you're going to do it with minimal training and get b1tched at for not performing. Hypocrisy is a way of life. And that help you asked for? It never arrives. I have been a supervisor for 6 years at my hub. Listen carefully: pt management is the toughest and most thankless job ups offers on an operations level. If you treat the men who work for you with respect and don't :censored2: them then they'll do the job. Good luck dude. I really hope you plan on quitting. Otherwise, It's the last job you'll ever have at ups unless you're the best bar none.
  19. Kicked Your Dog

    Kicked Your Dog 23 Year Upser/SoCal Feeder

    Process to become pt supv:

    1) go to Home Depot
    2) buy knee pads
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  20. GregK

    GregK New Member

    I have made up my mind. And I've heard that even though the pay seems high now, once you do the job, you feel way underpaid. And I'm really gonna try my best to kind of let my employees do their own thing and not micromanage them because I hate when people micromanage me. The crew I was on on the ramp did a great job and we always did our stuff kind of on our own. I'm hoping I'll get a crew like that and not one that will drag their feet for everything I ask them to do. Thank you and I hope I quit or go full time in the end too. I'm in college right now so is going full time [supe] even a possibility before I have my degree?

    Also @Kicked Your Dog I've seen that in another thread before.