Progression for who?

The following wage progression shall cover ALL FULL TIME EMPLOYEES except apprentices hired on or after August 1 1990. The rate in effect on July 31 2018 will be used to calculate the progression rates for the life of this agreement
Rates in effect on July 31 2018
Seniority 75%
Seniority date plus one year 80%
Seniority date plus 18 months 90%
Seniority date plus 2 years TOP RATE ARTICLE 53 last section wages and hours Atlantic area supplement... WHO DOES THIS APPLY TO??????
And everywhere else in this dumb contract states when progression or pay rate changes who is not going to be slotted into it such as article 41 says all package driver tractor trailer drivers except article 43 which is full-time inside jobs will be slotted into the progression above for guys entering job after August 1 2018....


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Article 41 says guys entering the job after August 1 2018

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2013-2018 has expired and the new contract article 41 sec 2 state for those entering job AFTER August 1 2018....

That IS the new contract, the one that was mailed out during voting time. The old dates are crossed out, new info added. Read again, look at the dates. What position do you hold? If you are a FT driver in progression, your new pay will bump up to reflect the new progression as stated above.
Part time employees “ such as myself” on the payroll as of 07/31/18 Who are subsequently promoted to full time “which I was” will be paid their current wage rate “24.22” until such a time as the calculated progression rate exceeds that rate. The transfer date “July 5 2016” will become his or her full time start date for applying the progression above.......