Progression mistake?


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Are you talking pay related as last paragraph changed

Part-time employees on the payroll as of 7/31/13 7/31/18 who are subsequently promoted to full-time employment will be paid their current wage rate until such time as the calculated progression rate exceeds that rate. The transfer date will become his/her full-time start date for purposes of applying the above progression.

Layoff procedure, which is actually the last paragraph in Art 53

One (1) day (by the end of the previous work day) unwritten notice is required for layoff of less than fourteen (14) days. The Company is obligated to give as much notice as possible. Except for employees who do not have a telephone, the Company is obligated where possible and as soon as possible, to attempt to notify employees when an emergency occurs beyond its control. Notice must be given before the employee’s regular starting time. The Company shall be deemed to have fulfilled its obligation when an employee is called and does not answer the telephone. In the event of an emergency, available work shall be performed in seniority order by employees normally assigned to that work and that starting time within the classification.
Second to last paragraph sorry


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This is what I take from it if your in progression during the ratification of a contract meaning you sen date is prior to july31 2018 then that the progression your put in I know it’s a 4 year progression but article 41 2 says as plain as day that’s for guys AFTER AUG 1 2018 and the National supersedes any supplements yeah for those with a sen after aug 1 Who are operating under the old contract till the new one ratifies.... my BA still hasn’t given me a straight answer yet when I presented to him


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If you are talking about being promoted to full time, the last sentence of your attachment means that you don't get an hourly reduction if you go friend/T. Example: you are a part time employee making $27 hour and decide to go into package delivery. The rate for friend/T at the start is now $25.82 (70% of $36.89) in Atlantic which is less than the $27 the employee is making presently. The employee keeps the $27 rate until it goes higher with friend/T progression. In this example, the person making 30 days and gaining seniority would now make $27.67 which is higher than their P/T rate. They would keep their $27 while trying to gain seniority and then take the higher rate of $27.67 once they get their 30 days in. We had P/T air drivers making over $30 an hour that kept that rate once they started friend/T driver many years later.