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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ihadit, Apr 9, 2008.

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    Getting a little disgusted with UPS's stock price? Just wait till todays opening and see what happens after the earnings were downgraded yesterday. If you have had enough with the way the current board of directors performs, use the power you have and vote your proxy accordingly. Send a strong message otherwise the charade continues. The past CEO finally got the message!
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    Actually I'm thrilled that my investment in UPS hasn't gone in the crapper like many others have.
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    Actually they warned a month ago... This was no surprise. If you sell cover calls you would have made money. I sold 2 cover calls the last couple weeks and made $536 on those 200 shares. one at $70 and one at $75. They expire 0n the 18th, I may be selling 100 shares at $70 but probably will be keeping the 100 at $75.
    In one hand people complain "what's the difference if UPS makes one billion or two billion this year" and in the other they complain "the stock doesn't go higher" They go hand and hand people.
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    Great post.

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    The Pig is down 8% from it's IPO day close back in November 1999. What a cyclical pig. Almost a decade of sideways movement. Dividend doesn't cover inflation. At least they give the 10% discount, but I'm not buying.