PT How do I retire?

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    I am a PT preloader/unloader with 26 years and I would like to retire now. How do I go about this. Where do I find my pension credits and apply them? I was laid off alot when I first started and also had a workers comp injury where I missed a year and a half several years ago so I know my credits will be less than 26 years.

    Can I transfer my insurance or must I get a new policy with a different company? thanks.
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    There are different pension plans for each region of the country. Which one are you in?
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    Get with your BA. Full Timers use UPS/IBT Full-Time Employee Pension Plan - Home I'm not sure if it will work for part timers. Also I don't think you lose time for work comp injury. I'm not sure if you will be eligible to purchase insurance, check with your local. I know in my area you must be 55, and have a certain amount of years in. Good luck in your retirement.
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    I'm in Central States and I will turn 62 in October. I started when I was 35 years old.
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    Give them your name/employee id, etc....Tell them when you wish to retire for which they will use for their calculations. They will send you a small packet of paper with your credited years of service and various other info. To actually begin the process you must contact your Human Resources Dept. at least 60 days prior to when you want the payments to begin.
    If you have 25 years, the 25 and out will be $1,125. 30 and out would be $1,650 I wouldn't start any process with H.R. until you received your documents showing how much time you actually have. IF you don't have 25 in, you will lose 6% for each year you try to access your p.t. pension before the age of 65. So you need to make sure. Good luck.
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    26 years as a Preloader/unloader

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    Not all Full Timers are in that plan.
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    I been think and the only thing I could come up with is. I think you should call someone in your local and ask for information on contact your local pension plan and also talk to your HR person. But that's just a thought. Probably not even close to what you need to do...
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    First you have to determine if you are covered by a Teamster or a UPS Pension plan. Have to ask, how can you have 26 years in and not know who carries your pension? You should have been inquiring about your pension credits every few years to make sure they were correct.
    If your pension is run by the Teamsters call your local.
    If your pension is run by UPS I would assume you have to contact Your Human Resources Department.
    Any time off on a workers compensation claim is covered up to 52 weeks.
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    I'm pretty sure parttimers are covered under a company wide ups only pension plan which is doing well because so few part timers actually retire under it. Contact your HR department to get the ball rolling, but get an idea of what kind of pension payment you should expect before taking the plunge incase it's not something you can live on. Nothing worse than retiring and having to go right back to work elsewhere in order to eat.
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    If it is anything like when our PTer retired, you need to get the ball rolling at least a year in advance. I am in central states also. You will probably need paperwork from Atlanta to send to your local HR.

    Good luck to you and thanks for your thankless efforts.
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    I can't recall the last time we had a PTer retire. Our last two retirees were 22.3's.