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  1. UnionWannabe

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    I am a PT Sup that has a chance to take a FT driving position in another center. I know the top out pay is around $28 per hour. What do outside employees such as myself start out making per hour?
  2. 1989

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    The bottom progression rate. For me it was a pay cut.
  3. UnionWannabe

    UnionWannabe New Member

    What is the bottom progression rate? I make 14.25 an hour now.
  4. 1989

    1989 Well-Known Member

    It was 12.67 for me...Probably about 17 or 18 now.
  5. UPSGUY72

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    Understand that if you start driving anytime from now to Dec 31 you could be considered a causal driver and don't gain senority untill Jan 1. They could also lay you off before Jan 1 and not have to call you back. However if you do work Jan 3 you would have gained senority and then when they lay you off they have to call you back. You will get laid off after the first of the year. Any ways the pay progression for FT drivers is :

    START 16.10
    Senority 17.25
    12 months 18.45
    24 months 20.75
    36 months Top Rate

    UPSBOI You don't want to know!

    Yep back to starting wages (whatever it is) and three years to get to top pay.

    The up side is if your supvs/mgrs piss you off you can file a big fat grievance on them instead biting your lip like you have to do now. Good luck
  7. toonertoo

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    That is the upside.