PT Supe (preload) pay?

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    Generally, how much do the PT supes for preload get paid? Starting pay and capped pay? Are they hourly?

    Same with PT'ers. I started out at 9.50, what will my pay cap off at in this position? Intervales of raises?
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    P/T supervisors pay depends on how long you have been with ups. If you are promoted when you are making 9.50 it would be lower than if you were making $15.00 an hour. The sup's pay is based on a 51/2 hr day, but is salaried. It could be as low as 1400 a month, or as high as 2000 a month, maybe more. It seems they take what you are making, times the 51/2 hrs to get a day date and times it by the average days in a month, so you make more total than hourly, but in general are working more hrs (5.5 vs 3.5 hrs). This is only a rough guideline, and may vary by region. Also, the raises are much smaller, 25 to 50 dollars a month.

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    P/T sup's usually start at 1450 - 1800 these days. Raises are generally between 3-7 percent. There is not a set salary cap, but if you are a P/T sup for a long time you will just get the minimum 3 percent since they don't want people to be career P/T sups. I don't beleive there is a cap on P/T hourly positions.
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    Ah thanks. So does UPS give raises at set intervals? Like every 3 months or every 1000 hours or something? How do they do that?
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    Oh nevermind, I found my question, thanks :)
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    There most certainly is.